Military Police Brigade Badge - Unicorn (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Military Police Brigade Badge – Unicorn (Shingeki no Kyojin)

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This badge is a symbol of the elite, represented by the unicorn emblem. One that would bring you stares of envy if worn, this metal badge is intricately engraved, and painted in white and teal. This can conveniently be attached to a collar, or even a purse or bag. Diehard fans of the series can also collect the badges from the other sectors for a full set!

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Product Description

Measurements Width: 0.9" Height: 1.2" Material - Metal

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About The Military Police Brigade (Attack on Titan)

- About The Military Police Brigade by Tsunade

An elitist branch of the Military that only the top ten alumni form trainee squads can apply to enter into, the Military Police Brigade serve within human territory, in the safety of Wall Sina and its abundant resources. It is also considered the most superior of the MIlitary sectors, though also notoriously known to be corrupt and incapable. With their lack of experience in dealing with Titans, they have proved to be ineffective of protecting the people under attacks.