Colossal Titan Head Pillow Cushion Plush (Shingeki No Kyojin)

Colossal Titan Head Pillow Cushion Plush (Shingeki No Kyojin)

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While the actual Colossal Titan might not seem like something you want to hug, this big pillow makes a good hugging cushion for those who have a love for these mysterious antagonists! Features the face of the Colossal Titan with its exposed muscle drawn in great detail on one side, and the epic scene of it seen over the wall on the other side!

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Measurements Length: 18.9" Height: 12.6" Width: 7.1" Material Cotton

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Weight 0.5 kg

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Introduction to the Mysterious Titans (Attack on Titan)

- Information on Titans by Tsunade

The main antagonists of the Attack on Titan series, Titans (Kyojin) are giants of humanoid structures that are seemingly focused on exterminating mankind. They started appearing about a century ago, and their origins, physiology and population as well as objective still remain mysterious. They have since forced the remaining humans within the safety of the Walls, and are the reason for the development of the Military especially the Survey Corps and their unique 3D Maneuver Gear equipment.

While Titans resemble humans with consideration to the number and positioning of limbs, as well as movement. However, they are all deformed in some way or another, giving them a horrifying appearance. Some of them have bizarre proportions such as an enlarged head or even the absence of skin, which reveals their muscle tissue within. They lack sexual organs though they appear to be male most of the time. A common physical trait is enlarged mouths with numerous small squarish teeth. With their main activity being eating humans, all Titans possess incisors for that. However, it has been suggested that they do not eat humans for ingestion as they do not even have a proper digestion system, but in its place, a cavity for storing whatever they have consumed- this area has to be cleared of its contents by regurgitation before the Titans can continue eating more humans. Another point that proves they do not require humans to sustain their lives is their lack of human consumption for a century (due to the protection of the walls), yet ability to survive in a usual state.

The usual Titan behavior would be hunting down humans and devouring them in a rampage, killing as many as they can. This seems to be some sort of instilled behavior, as they ignore all other forms of live (such as animals) and are focused on 'eating' (though that main purpose is to exterminate) humans alone. These usual Titans are likened to humanoid beasts as they seem to lack intelligence, rushing forward with their instinct to exterminate humans and can be fairly easy to trick and kill. However, there are some Titans with human-level or even higher level of intelligence, and these prove to be more difficult to conquer due to their foresight.