Attack On Titan Garrison Sigil Necklace Gold (Shingeki No Kyojin)

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From the immensely popular manga/anime series, Attack On Titan, the Garrison is the first line of defense to protect the Walls and everyone within. With such a high responsibility, everyone in it has to have a cool head and strong fighting spirit. Add to your Attack On Titan collection this gold Garrison necklace with intricate details made from high quality metal.

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Product Description

- Garrison sigil gold necklace

- 1.5" x 1"

- Metal

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Garrison(Attack On Titan)

- Garrison Information by Tsunade

Name: Garrison
Commander: Dot Pixis
Task: Guarding and maintaining the Wall
Affiliation: Humanity, Survey Corps

From the hit manga/anime series, Attack On Titan, the Garrison aka the Stationary Guards, is the largest of the three Military divisions and their main mission is to protect the Walls and maintain order within. Due the limited entry to the Military Police Brigade and the extremely high fatality rate within the Survey Corps, most people join the Garrison as soldiers. Because of their close contact to humans and Titans both, they have high proficiency over a wide variety of tasks that includes crowd control, rifle usage and Titan combat among many other things.

The Garrison is in charge of all the defenses for the Walls. They conduct patrols and repairs as well as trying to improve the defences. Most of their time is spend preparing for the Titan attacks. On top of their responsibility to defend the wall, they must also deal with crowd control. They use cannons placed along the wall for long-range Titan defense and if the wall is ever breached, they are responsible for the safety of the civilians.

They are the largest branch of the Military with over 30,000 soldiers. An soldier enlisting is automatically considered for the Garrison until their graduation and eventual choice to enlist in another branch. They are led by Dot Pixis, a brilliant commander.