Assassination Classroom – Korosensei Keychain Bronze

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Korosensei is the octopus-humanoid teacher of Kununigaoka Junior High. As the head teacher of class 3E, he must deal with the worst delinquent students. A former Master Assassin, he is one intelligent teacher who will also blow up the Earth. Add to your Assassination Classroom this highly detailed Korosensei keychain made from quality material.

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Product Description

- Korosensei bronze keychain

- 1.5" x 1"

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Korosensei(Assassination Classroom)

- Korosensei Bio by Tsunade

Name: Korosensei
Nickname: God of Death, Octopus
Height: 280cm
Occupation: Homeroom Teacher
Gender: Male

From the popular Assassination Classroom manga/anime/live action movie, Kurosensei is the main antihero and is the homeroom teacher of the delinquent-filled class 3-E of Kununigaoka Junior High. He used to be an assassin and is considered one of, if not, the best of them all. The master assassin is dubbed the 'God of Death' due to his unbelievable infiltrating and assassinating skills. He is known to break through any defensive measure his targets put in front of him and he leaves a pile of corpses wherever he went.

Appearance-wise, Kurosensei is a nine feet tall octopus-humanoid with various colours depending on his mood. Most of the time, he is colour yellow which indicates that he is in a happy state. Other colours and mood are red which means angry and black which is an extreme state of fury. He typically wears a black academic attire with the matching cap and he uses his tentacles to move around. Personality-wise, Kurosensei is an excellent fighter both in the defensive and offensive aspect. He is able to spar with the best of them and is able to defend any attacks thrown at him even if there are multiple attackers.