Assassination Classroom – Korosensei Bottle Holder with Carabiner

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As ugly as he is, Assassination Classroom's Korosensei is one smart octopus. He is able to teach almost all the subjects for Kununigaoka's class 3-E while at the same time, avoiding assassination. Add to your anime collectibles this Korosensei bottle holder that also functions as a keychain holder using its' carabiner.

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Product Description

- Korosensei bottle holder with carabiner

- 3" x 2"

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Korosensei(Assassination Classroom)

- Korosensei Bio by Tsunade

Name: Korosensei
Nickname: God of Death, Octopus
Height: 280cm
Occupation: Homeroom Teacher
Gender: Male

Kurosensei is the master assassin formerly known as the 'God of Death' and is the main protagonist/antagonist of the popular comedy anime/manga, Assassination Classroom. Kurosensei used to be a human but was experimented upon during one of his assassination missions. He was turned into a gigantic 280cm humanoid-octopus and he will destroy the Earth within a year at the start of the main storyline. Kurosensei is from the slums where he had to literally kill to survive and he was considered the best at it. After his experimentation, he became the homeroom teacher of class 3E, the worst class in Kununigaoka Junior High and there the main storyline revolves.

Appearance-wise, Kurosensei is a humanoid-octopus with different colours depending on the current mood he is in. Most of the time, he is yellow in colour which means he is in a happy state. Some of the time he is red and even black in colour, indicating anger and extreme rage respectively. He typically wears a black academic suit which also consists of a square hat that makes him look as if he's in a graduation. Personality-wise, Kurosensei is confident and extremely intelligent. He is able to teach almost all of the subjects in school and is able to bond well with his delinquent class, 3E. However, he is also known as a pervert with a weakness for boobs.