Assassination Classroom – Korosensei Necklace (Bronze)

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From the Assassination Classroom anime series, Korosensei aka God of Death is the former Master Assassin and current homeroom teacher of class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High. Add to your Assassination Classroom this one-of-a-kind bronze necklace featuring the murderously hilarious octopus!

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Product Description

Includes: - Korosensei bronze necklace Measurements: - 1.5" x 1"

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Korosensei(Assassination Classroom)

- Korosensei Bio by Tsunade

Name: Korosensei
Nickname: God of Death, Octopus
Height: 280cm
Occupation: Homeroom Teacher
Gender: Male

Korosensei is the main protagonist of the anime series, Assassination Classroom. He is considered somewhat of an anti-hero due to his murderous past. He is the current homeroom teacher of Kunugigaoka Junior High's Class 3-E and prior to his teaching position, he was known as a master assassin called the 'God of Death'. Korosensei grew up in one of the most corrupt and vile slums where everyone is cruel and selfish. From his early hardships, he decided to become a full-pledged assassin and he immediately became known as the God of Death.

Appearance-wise, Korosensei looks like a three meter tall octopus with a large and bulbous head. He has small, beady eyes and is often seen smiling a large teethy grin. He has two feelers for arms which has two fingers each and he uses his other tentacles for mobility. He often wears his black academic dress and his face changes colour depending on his mood.

Personality-wise, Korosensei is highly intelligent; he can teach almost every subject in school. Also he is very fond of sweets and is also known to be a pervert teacher. For an assassin, he considered to be kind and he is able to switch mood from silly to serious almost immediately.