Assassination Classroom – Korosensei Keychain (Confident Stripes Green and Yellow)

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Korosensei is the main antihero of the comedy/action anime series, Assassination Classroom. He is known as the God of Death due to his incredible skills as a Master Assassin. Now a homeroom teacher, his job is simply to educate the kids before he blows up Earth in a year. Add to your Assassination Classroom collectibles this Koro sensei keychain in yellow and green stripes which represents his confident mood.

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Product Description

Includes: - Korosensei confident expression keychain Measurements: - 2.75" x 1.5" Materials: - Rubber (attachment) - Metal (chain)

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Korosensei (Assassination Classroom)

- Korosensei Bio by Tsunade

Name: Korosensei
Nickname: God of Death, Octopus
Height: 280cm
Occupation: Homeroom Teacher
Gender: Male

Korosensei is the main protagonist (or antagonist depending on how you view it) of the action comedy anime series, Assassination Classroom. He is the former Master Assassin dubbed the 'God of Death' due to his incredible murdering skills. He is able to penetrate any defences and get through the most highly guarded fortresses to assassinate his target. In his former life as the God of Death, he has a human appearance and his smile was said to be one of the most kindest smile there is.

Now a homeroom teacher at Kununigaoka Junior High, Korosensei teaches almost all the subjects for Class 3-E, a bunch of delinquents. His ability to conduct lessons on all topics is a testament to his great intelligence. Appearance-wise, Korosensei is a multicoloured octopus-like being. His most common colour is yellow which is his neutral and happy face. His angry face is red and when pushed even further, he turns black in rage.

Personality-wise, Korosensei suffered greatly as a child, resulting in him being extremely tough and hardened by early childhood. However as a homeroom teacher, he shows great ability to connect with his students, earning their respect and adulation (although they still want to assassinate him because he is going to blow up Earth in a year at the beginning of the series).