Blue Exorcist: Rin Okumura

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A mousepad in an enlarged A4 size, this piece features Rin and Yukio Okumura dressed in adorable Christmas-themed outfits! Not only does this make a perfect gift for the festive season, the anti-skid material and size makes it an effective product that would accompany you for a long time.

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Width: 11.7"
Height: 8.27"


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Rin Okumura's Personality (Blue Exorcist)

- Rin Okumura Bio by Tsunade

The elder half of the Okumura Twins, Rin tends to give off the behavior of the younger one at times. His brash and sometimes violent personality makes him seem immature to others, but behind this headstrong facade is a kind heart and protective character who often plays the role of supporting and motivating others, trying to help them in any way he can to achieve their goal. He has displayed a great ability to empathise with others and feel their pain, making him a very understanding friend. Further showing his caring personality is his inclination towards animals, and trying to protect them as well.

Quite the impulsive type, Rin often lets his emotions get to his head quickly, which results in him getting involved in fights pretty often. It can be said that he is the impulsive type, quick to get angry but quick to jump to the defence of those he loves as well. Though he aims to beat Yukio one day, he is very protective of his brother.

The typical type to use his fists rather than his head, Rin sometimes shows his intelligence (or lack thereof) when he uses common proverbs or says things wrongly, though it does add a bit of comic relief and make him a surprisingly endearing character. Despite this, he has obtained a junior high diploma and become an Exwire, though he is not the studying type of person.

Rin is a straightforward person who says the truth as plainly as it is, especially towards his friends. However, some of them grew frightened of him when his Demon heritage was revealed, thinking him to be dangerous. Thankfully, they soon realised this was false and accepted him.

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