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    Rin Kagamine White Hairclips (Cosplay)

    $18.90 $9.99

    A set of 4 functional alligator-style hairclips, these can be used not only for part of cosplaying Rin’s outfit, but also for daily hair accessories! Its simple yet chic style in classy white makes it easily pairable with different outfits!

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    Akita Neru Cosplay Costume

    $130.00 $90.99

    This futuristic-style outfit of Akita Neru the Vocaloid has a mix of both girlish and boyish styles! The more serious black and grey is accented with a bright yellow which catches attention immediately. Most iconic is the shorts/miniskirt combo, which makes this piece so unique! The yellow necktie and sharp collar forms a smart silhouette, yet the frills give it a soft edge. Zigzag-edged in yellow, the Vocaloid style flared sleeves are the final touch to this mixed-style outfit that echoes the minds of the netizens who gave life to this fan made Vocaloid!

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    Shinoito Cosplay Costume

    $130.90 $76.99

    Fan-made but still awesome. Cosplay as Shinoito, a spin-off of Kaito from Vocaloid. Like Kaito, Shinoito wears a snuggly trademark scarf, his version a light gray one. The costume is more monotone as gray and white is Shinoito’s the prominent color theme, opposed to Kaito’s blue.

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    Nigaito Cosplay Costume

    $130.00 $76.99

    Kaito's blue, Shinoito's gray, and we have Nigaito for those who wanna cosplay as a green rendition of Kaito Shion. This Nigaito cosplay costume is a spin-off from Kaito's predominantly blue costume, with the blue highlights replaced with green. And like our Kaito costume, this costume comes with a snuggly wooly scarf.

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    Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune Shoes

    $290.00 $226.99

    Thigh-high leather boots are sure to make heads turn, as Miku does! Play the famous Vocaloid 01 in this snug-fitting number with a zipper opening, accented with her trademark turquoise. Add height with the modern-looking chunky platform soles that are comfortable even for long hours! Avid Miku fans would be pleased to notice the stitched bar detail creating an emboss effect on the upper portion of the boot!

    *Shoes are made to be strong and durable and can sustain the reasonable wear and tear of daily usage.

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    Akaito Cosplay Costume (Black)

    $98.00 $76.99

    Sport this black version of Akaito’s costume accented with his trademark red! The long sleeves are accented with red on the inner panel, and a yellow strip on the outer shoulder, as well as similarly-coloured cuffs. A front zipper opening makes the long coat with its back slit feature for convenient movement, easy to put on. The pair of black pants with the side accents in yellow and his distinct red muffler completes the look so familiar to Vocaloid fans! Just have an ice-cream in hand and you’ll be unmistakable as the cool- or should I say, hot Akaito!

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