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    Sawachika Eri Costume (Winter School Uniform)

    $98.00 $68.99

    Cold season is upon us and what’s a better way to relive your high school life in such cold weather than to cosplay School Rumble’s star with this beautiful winter school uniform. Attend Yagami High School or cosplay event in style as you portray the sweet Tenma Tsukamoto, popular Sawachika Eri or smart Takano Akira. This four-piece uniform is a beautiful replica from the series which is made of high quality material. Each piece can be paired off with other clothes for more fabulous effect!

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    Tenma Tsukamoto Costume (Summer School Uniform)

    $97.00 $68.99

    Relive your high school life with style as you cosplay the very interesting students of Yagami High School from School Rumble series. Portray different characters like the naïve Tsukamoto Tenma, rich girl Sawachika Eri, athletic Suo Mikoto or enigmatic Takano Akira. The detailed three-piece replica uniform is made of top quality fabric for your absolute comfort. Mix and match it with other outfit for a fun out-of-school wear!

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