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    Nisekoi – Raku Ichijo Necklace

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    You will surely love this Promise Necklace worn by Raku Ichijo in Nisekoi. This necklace is the symbol of his childhood promise. It is made of high quality metal, with a detailed design of the lock and is a perfect gift to all Nisekoi fans. Get this Promise Necklace now!

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    Nisekoi – Chitoge Kirisaki Cosplay Costume

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    Chitoge Kirisaki is the female protagonist of the anime series, Nisekoi. She is a daughter of a gangster boss and was tasked to be the fake girlfriend of the rival gang's next-in-line, Raku Ichijou. Cosplay as the half-Japanese, half-Caucasian gangster daughter with this set of female school uniform featured in the series. The costume consists of a white longsleeved blouse, light blue mini skirt and her trademark red hair tie.

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