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    Negima Winter Cosplay Costume

    $128.00 $81.99

    Look Ivy League prim but desirable in this Negima Winter Cosplay Costume. Cosplay as Asuna Kagurazaka, Konoko Konoe, Nodoka Miyazaki or any of the students of Mahora Academy that you fancy. This winter version of the Mahora Academy school uniform consists of a white blouse, a red vest, a red outer jacket and a matching tie. Grab one now and be a part of Master Negi’s fun and wacky class!

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    Negima Summer Cosplay Costume

    $98.00 $65.99

    It’s summer time at Mahora Academy, just in time for dressing up in this Negima Summer Cosplay Costume. Be a part of Magister Negi’s class as you cosplay as Asuna Kagurazaka, Konoko Konoe, Nodoka Miyazaki or any of female students of Mahora Academy. The set includes a school uniform white blouse, a red vest, a matching red skirt and a tie for that complete Negima look!

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    Chisame Hasegawa Cosplay Costume

    $129.00 $75.99

    Our Negima! Cosplay Costume rack just got a new addition, costume of the alter ego of the Computer geek Hasegawa Chisame in her secret black Cosplay Costume. The direct opposite of her usual self, Chisame shows her sensual cheeky online persona with this striking black and red combo attire complete with a cat ears headband and wired cat tails sticking out her back. This Chisame Hasegawa will be quite an eye-opener for those in need of exploring their online alter-ego persona!

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