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    Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha – Nanoha Takamachi Cosplay Costume

    $110.00 $73.99

    Nanoha Takamachi is the main protagonist and titular character of the anime series, Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha. Cosplay as the 19-year-old Nanoha with this set of her StrikerS uniform. Our featured costume includes a white and blue button-up jacket, a white and blue undershirt, a blue knee-length skirt and a pair of silver shoulder pads.

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    Hayate Yagami Cosplay Costume (Uniform)

    $79.00 $65.99

    This smartly-tailored uniform worn by Hayate looks no less convincing than a real military uniform! In a serious tone of dark brown to represent the Ground Forces, the main feature of this outfit comes in the unique blazer design. Shoulder front panels and upper sleeve are accented in dark brown, along with the trim of the fold-up sleeve ends. Overlapping lapels cross in a double-breasted style and feature an inner horizontal flap, which hides all but the knot of the dark blue necktie and the collar of the inner blouse. A fitted miniskirt is paired with the blazer to give off the impressive look of the military!

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    Yagami Hayate Cosplay Costume

    $129.00 $79.99

    Dress up as Yagami Hayate from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. Step into the world of themistress of the Book of Darkness and the Wolkenritter. This cosplay costume is made with durable and high quality material ensuring the perfect Hayate in her battle gear look. Get yours now and cosplay as the magical young lady!

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