Himouto! Umaru-chan Merchandise, Cosplay Accessories, Props

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    Himouto! Umaru-chan Charms (5/set)

    $13.00 $7.99

    Indoor mode on! Despite Umaru having a proper self in the public, she turned lazy and childish in her “Indoor” mode. There are different version of the charms and you simply can't get enough of her. With its lobster clasp, this a great item to hang on your ita-bag or zipper pulls and show off your love for Umaru!

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    Umaru-chan with Potato Chips Tshirt

    $25.00 $19.99

    Chill out and relax with the adorable Umaru-chan! This comfy shirt features Umaru-chan hanging out with her favourite bags of chips. Perfect tee to wear when you are watching your favourite episode of Umaru-chan! Available in 11 different colors – Red, White, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Purple, Gray, Natural, Navy and Dark Grey.

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    Himouto! Umaru-chan Keychain (5 charms)

    $13.90 $8.99

    Indoor mode activate! Here comes the adorable chibi Umaru as seen from Himouto Umaru Chan series! Once Umaru's Indoor mode is on, she will turned lazy, childish and most importantly, kawaii! This keychain features different charms to show different sides of Umaru. A great item to hang on your bags or keys!

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    Himouto! Umaru-chan Tshirt (Assorted Colors)

    $22.00 $18.99

    How adorable can this tee gets? As seen in this tee, we have the kawaii Umaru Doma is in her “indoor” persona!! Available in various colours, you can use this tee during an anime convention or even as your casual wear to lounge in to watch your favourite episode of Himouto Umaru Chan! Get yours now!

  • Himouto! Umaru-chan Phone Straps (5/set)


    Activate, Indoor mode! From the Himouto Umaru Chan series, the main protagonist, Umaru will turned lazy and childish in her “Indoor” mode! Here we have a good deal of 5 phone straps per set featuring the adorable Umaru! There are different version and you simply can't get enough of her! A great gift for you and friends who love the series!