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    Black Rock Shooter – Mato Kuroi Black Rock Shooter Cosplay Costume (Version 2)

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    Mato Kuroi is the civilian identity of the heroine and titular character, Black Rock Shooter. Cosplay as the sword and gun wielding Black Rock Shooter with this highly detailed set of her battle outfit. Consisting of a black string top bikini, black short-sleeved jacket, a pair of black shorts with belts, arm sleeves and gloves, a neck choker with padlock and a pair of black stockings with shin cuffs.

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    Black Rock Shooter Postcard Collection Set

    $21.99 $12.99

    Get your Black Rock Shooter Postcard set from the Black Rock Shooter series! Featuring Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master in portraits with different poses, stills and screen shots. Check out her burning blue left eye and her distinct outfit of a leather bikini top and shorts, high boots and black jacket! Measures at approximately 18cm by 12.6cm. Only available while stocks last.

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