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Vocaloid Haku Yowane Cosplay Costume

Yowane Haku Cosplay Costume

Although Yowane Haku didn't get off on a glam start, Yowane Haku is nevertheless an awesome character to cosplay as! We like her casual mid riff costume design matched with a clean pair of black pants. Understated yet showing off a slightly androgynous inclination.

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This cosplay costume may take an additional 5 to 14 days for tailoring.

The photos here are of the actual costume. Beware of stores that use our photos but ship you lower quality costumes.

Choose Your Size (female)

- Black pants x 1
- Silver top x 1
- Blue tie x 1
- Hair ribbon x 1
- Arm warmers x 1 pair
- Belt x 1
- Blue side belt rein x 1

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Vocaloid Haku Yowane Cosplay Costume

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Yowane Haku Cosplay Costume photographYowane Haku Cosplay Costume photographYowane Haku Cosplay Costume photographYowane Haku Cosplay Costume photographYowane Haku Cosplay Costume photograph

Yowane Haku Biography (Vocaloid)

- Yowane Haku Bio by Tsunade

Name: Yowane Haku
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Birthday: 21st November
Character Item: Sake bottle

Haku represents an trait of failure within the Vocaloids, which was inspired by a user who failed to get anything better than mechanical sounding songs out of Hatsune Miku. Yowane Haku is an alter ego of all unskilled users of Hatsune Miku.

Although this looks like a harsh criticism to those users, but hey, at least they were the inspiration of the artist. Haku is described as a sad Vocaloid who does not have the ability to sing as well as Hatsune Miku and thus, portrayed as a crybaby who vents her frustration by drinking sake.

Tsunade often write anime biographies for 399AnimeShop and 399Cosplayshop. Find her on Google+

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