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Teto Kasane Cosplay Costume

Teto Kasane Cosplay Costume

An amazing Teto Kasane Cosplay Costume in satin! A simple top and dress skirt style costume in striking grayish and pink details. For those who dare to be different and cosplay in this amazing new character from Vocaloid; Teto Kasane!

Usual Price: $137.80 Now: $78.99

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This cosplay costume may take an additional 5 to 14 days for tailoring.

The photos here are of the actual costume. Beware of stores that use our photos but ship you lower quality costumes.

Choose Your Size (female)

Includes :
- 1 pair of turquoise and pink flared out arm covers
- 1 sleeveless turquoise blouse with pink details lining on dress front
- 1 turquoise pleated skirt with pink lining
- 1 Pink and dark pink polyester side Rein ( hanging from inner left side to inner middle back of skirt )
- 1 pair of black with pink lining thigh high stockings

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Teto Kasane Cosplay Costume

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Teto Kasane Cosplay Costume photographTeto Kasane Cosplay Costume photographTeto Kasane Cosplay Costume photographTeto Kasane Cosplay Costume photographTeto Kasane Cosplay Costume photograph

Teto Kasane Biography (Vocaloid)

- Teto Kasane Bio by Tsunade

Name: Teto Kasane
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Birthday: 1st April
Genre: Pop and Anison
Character Item: French Bread

Although her official age says that she's a middle-aged woman, she looks more like half her age. She is said to be much more innocent than Hatsune Miku. Teto is known to be cheerful and hyper, with a hint of mischievousness at times.

She is quite the egotistical vocaloid who loves getting attention. She does not show her care and concern for others directly. Instead, she teases them to show her care. Teto's love for bread goes beyond anything else and gets upset if no one shares them with her. She may even go crazy if she does not get her daily dose of good wheat!

Tsunade often write anime biographies for 399AnimeShop and 399Cosplayshop. Find her on Google+

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