Souen Ruka Cross Academy Female Night Class Uniform Costume

Souen Ruka Cross Academy Female Night Class Uniform Costume

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This white Cross Academy school uniform is worn by Souen Ruka and the other vampire students who attend the night classes in Cross Academy. The details on this costume is exquisite, with the diamond shaped silver buttons lining the the costume and beautiful rose buttons donning the sleeves. Costume also comes with a black armband with the red Rose symbol on it. An exact replica right out of the series! Create your own character with it!

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Product Description

- Black inner shirt
- White Outer Shirt
- White skirt
- Red ribbon
- Black Armband

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Souen Ruka Biography (Vampire Knight)

- Souen Ruka Bio by Dyosa

Name: Souen Ruka
Age: Looks 18 but being the vampire that she is, that might not be true.
Occupation: Night Class student
Hobby: Steadfastly offering her blood to Kaname. Loving Kaname from a distance.
Abilities: Though she looks very fragile, Ruka conceals some kick ass fighting moves revealed only when they deal with level E vampires.


Ruka lives in her own little world she calls Kaname.

She harbors an unrequited love for the pureblood Night Class President and pines for him most of the time. He’s the only reason why she goes to Cross Academy and compels herself to gulp down blood tablets rather than satisfy her thirst with fresh hot human blood.

She has an ethereal beauty that is starting to wither since she’s constantly depress with Kaname. Poor doll! There is only one event in the story where she gets close to Kaname and that is when the pureblood drinks her blood to prevent himself from biting Yuki. After that, no matter how many times or how frequent she offers her blood, Kaname refuses her.

The Unraveling:

The day that she acknowledged her own stupidity in her obsession with Kaname, free her from most of her tension. About time, actually. This realization made it even easier for her to accept the fact that Kaname will only have Yuki.

What really admirable about her is that she dealt with this in a very level-headed and matured way. No hysterics or bawling whatsoever! She remains fiercely loyal to Kaname, being a pureblood that he is and extended it to Yuki.

When Rido attacked the academy, she is in the front line of defending the human students. Though she sees human as low life creatures who best served with wine, she truly wants them to be safe from all the hideous beasts Rido unleashed in the academy. She did a very good job, indeed! You go, girlfriend! ;P

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Not a review more of a comment but um where can i get those combat boots your model is wearing