Soul Eater - Black Star Cosplay Costume

Soul Eater – Black Star Cosplay Costume

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Black Star is one of the most popular Soul Eater characters. He is the last survivor of his Clan after the DWMA massacred them years before. Cosplay as the egomaniac Black Star with this set of outfit featured in the earlier part of the series. His costume includes a black sleeveless shirt with funnel like collar, a pair of white and black shorts and a pair of blue fingerless gloves.

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Product Description

- Black sleeveless shirt with funnel collar
- White and black shorts
- 1x pair of blue fingerless gloves

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Costume Size

X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, *XX-Small, *XXX-Large, *Kids-Small, *Kids-Large

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Black Star(Soul Eater)

- Black Star Bio by Tsunade

Name: Black Star
Age: 12
Meister Type: Shadow Weapon Meister
Powers: Flight, Madness Takehold
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Death Weapon Meister Academy
Clan: Star Clan

Black Star is a major character in the anime and manga series, Soul Eater. He is a Shadow Weapon Meister working as an assassin and is the last surviving member of the infamous Star Clan. Black Star's clan was notorious for their greed, doing anything and everything for money. Thirteen years before the start of the main storyline, White Star gave birth to Black Star and when the Star Clan was slaughtered, he was taken in by the DWMA and raised by the undead Sid Barrett. Appearance-wise, Black Star is a young man with short, muscular build and spiky light blue hair. His outfit consists of a black sleeveless shirt and white trousers.

Early on in the series, Black Star is known to be arrogant and self-centred. He is also an attention seeker, forgoing the Way of Assassination and making his presence known during missions. It is noted that he has a superiority complex, often having delusions of grandeur, giving autographs that no one wants and announcing that he will be the man to surpass God. Aside from his antics, he is one of the top three students of the Death Weapon Meister Academy.