Usagi Tsukino Super Sailor Moon Cosplay Costume

Usagi Tsukino Super Sailor Moon Cosplay Costume

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From crybaby Usagi to Sailor Moon – and now, this Super Sailor Moon costume is representative of how much our Usagi has grown! More glamorous and sophisticated than her previous, this piece is mostly white (compared to the her blue skirt in Sailor Moon) and gives the look of purity! The focus point of this outfit lies in the long billowing ribbon on the back which are slightly sheer in appearance, just like the layered sleeves that resemble wings. The heart motif is repeated throughout on the yellow choker, as well as the belt buckle and brooch on her front bow, both of which features a tiny crescent within the heart. With its pleated miniskirt and elbow-length gloves, this outfit is an iconic piece that would be a sure head-turner at cosplay events!

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Product Description

- One-piece suit with pleated miniskirt (blue and yellow trim), yellow and white belt, sailor-style collar (edged with double white lines) and tri-layered sleeves
- Red front under-collar bow
- Back sheer ribbon
- Heart-shaped buckle
- White elbow-length gloves with red edging
- Yellow choker with back opening and red heart motif on front
- Heart brooch with wings (for front bow)

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Usagi Tsukino Biography (Sailor Moon)

- Sailor Moon Bio by Tsunade

Name: Usagi Tsukino
Gender: Female
Age: 14~16
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Dark blue
Distinct Trait: Odango Hairstyle

Usagi appears as a typical schoolgirl who is lazy and doesn't like studying, until she wears the magical brooch given to her by Luna the cat and shouts the magical command. She then transforms into a sailor soldier with magical powers, and is in fact the reincarnation of Princess Serenity. Though reluctant to come to terms with her responsibilities as a sailor soldier at first, she soon matures and accepts her identity, growing into the most powerful Senshi in the universe.