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Suiseiseki Cosplay Costume

Suiseiseki Cosplay Costume

Suiseiseki, the older of the 'gardener' twins, wears a nice long green dress. This 5 piece costume has details exactly like that in the Rozen Maiden series, including a can-can puffy white underskirt for the slightly puffy effect. Cosplay as Suiseiseki with this high quality cosplay costume! A great outfit for those Victorian theme parties too!

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This cosplay costume may take an additional 5 to 14 days for tailoring.

The photos here are of the actual costume. Beware of stores that use our photos but ship you lower quality costumes.

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- Green outer shirt
- White inner shirt
- Green Skirt
- Can-can underskirt
- Black lace

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Suiseiseki Cosplay Costume photographSuiseiseki Cosplay Costume photographSuiseiseki Cosplay Costume photographSuiseiseki Cosplay Costume photographSuiseiseki Cosplay Costume photograph

Suiseiseki 翠星石 Biography (Rozen Maiden)

- Suiseiseki bio by Tsunade Suiseiseki Rozen Maiden

Name: Suiseiseki 翠星石
Type: Rozen Maiden doll
Doll no.: 3
Human Medium: Jun
Siblings: Twin sister Souseiseki
Artificial Spirit: Jade Dream (or Sweet Dream / Sui Dream)
Weapons: Green watering can
Hobbies: Traumatizing Hinaichigo

Suiseiseki is the third doll crafted by Rozen and is the older twin sister of Souseiseki. Suiseiseki, which literally means “Jade Stern”, appears timid but actually loves being on the spotlight.

She’s into tending plants and nourishing “Soul Trees” of human, thus gaining the name “gardener”. She possesses a watering can that allows her to summon any plant of her choice emerge from the ground and control them at will.

This doll is devious. Appearing almost timid with her penchant in politely ending sentences with “-desu”, her habits include telling outrageous lies to terrify Hinaichigo, stealing the latter’s strawberry and smashing the window of her human medium, Jun’s room (hitting the poor guy in the process).

Underneath all the mischievousness, she is s very loving twin sister to Souseiseki and cares deeply to those she considers friends. She is one of the few who is against Alice Game. Even though the ultimate price of the game is meeting their “father” or creator, she wouldn’t want to fight her fellow dolls and forcefully take their Rosa Mystica.

Tsunade often write anime biographies for 399AnimeShop and 399Cosplayshop. Find her on Google+

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