Pokemon - Ash Ketchum Cosplay Costume (Advanced Generation)

Pokemon – Ash Ketchum Cosplay Costume (Advanced Generation)

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Catching Pokemon since 1997, Ash Ketchum is still on his never-ending quest to become a Pokemon Master. Cosplay as Ash with this costume set featured in the Advanced Generations series. His outfit consists of a blue hoodie with black short-sleeves, blue trousers, a pair of black gloves and his signature cap.

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Product Description

- Blue hoodie with black short-sleeves
- Baby blue pants
- 1x pair of black gloves
- Ash Ketchum baseball cap

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Costume Size

X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, *XX-Small, *XXX-Large, *Kids-Small, *Kids-Large

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Ash Ketchum(Pokemon)

- Ash Ketchum Bio by Tsunade

Name: Ash Ketchum
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Class: Trainer
Hometown: Pallet Town
Region: Kanto

Ash Ketchum is the central character of the Pokemon series. He is a Pokemon Trainer aspiring to reach the rank of Master one day. Ash started his trainer journey when he was only ten years old, acquiring a stubborn Pikachu as his first Pokemon. Initially, Ash and Pikachu did not get along well. It was only after a selfless moment where Ash protected Pikachu from a flock of Spearows that the friendship was created. From the very first episode up to date of over 900+ episodes, The Ash-Pikachu tandem has been rock solid.

Throughout the series, Ash remained largely the same. Aside from his change of clothing, his personality and drive to become the world's greatest Pokemon Master has been the same. Determined and passionate as always, he conquered many gyms, earned badges from different regions and gained the friendship of many Pokemon Trainers as well.