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Hyuuga Hinata Cosplay Costume (Naruto Shippuuden)

Upgrade and recreate your Hinata Hyuuga look with her new Naruto Shippuuden costume. From her simplistic white jacket, it is now remodeled to fit her slowly building confidence. This excellently made purple jacket has cream-colored sleeves and purple cuffs which is perfect not only for cosplaying but also to keep you warm and toasty during the cold season. Still comes with her dark blue three-quater pants.

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This cosplay costume may take an additional 5 to 14 days for tailoring.

The photos here are of the actual costume. Beware of stores that use our photos but ship you lower quality costumes.

Choose Your Size (female)

- Hinata's Jacket top
- 3/4 dark navy pants

- Naruto Headband (Konoha)
- Naruto Kunai (1:1 scale)
- Naruto Ninja Sandals (Black)

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Hyuuga Hinata Cosplay Costume Naruto Shippuuden photographHyuuga Hinata Cosplay Costume Naruto Shippuuden photographHyuuga Hinata Cosplay Costume Naruto Shippuuden photographHyuuga Hinata Cosplay Costume Naruto Shippuuden photographHyuuga Hinata Cosplay Costume Naruto Shippuuden photograph

Hinata Hyuuga Biography (Naruto Shippuuden)

-Hinata Hyuuga bio by Dyosa

Name: Hinata Hyuuga
Age: 16
Birthday: 27 December
Zodiac: Libra
Rank: Chunnin
From: Leaf
Team: Team Kurenai

The timid girl from the Hyuuga clan is now finding her inner confidence yet with still the same old crush for Uzumaki Naruto.

She's already a chunin and under Team Kurenai. It looks like her confidence is not the only that's growing, her hair is now waist length and sporting a purple jacket. She really looks nice if only she didn't faint when Naruto greeted her. All her garnered confidence was gone with the wind along with her consciousness.

So she concluded that being able to be the one to find Sasuke will surely make Naruto happy and finally sees her. So when she got into the team with Naruto to get Sasuke, she made extra effort to follow Orochimaru's chakra trail then later on Tobi's. But then again, they didn't reach their destination fast enough.

She seems to be really in the road of improvement. Her techniques had some great progress particularly her Gentle Fist Taijutsu and her new move Protection of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, which let her shoot chakra blades at a distance.

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Don't listen to kenshiro! He's a jerk! You look rockin! Hinata is my favorite kunoichi, and that outfit looks great!! [^-^]

Posted by: animegirl804 at January 16, 2010 6:52 PM


If Hinata Hyuuga her´s born in December 27. Her´s Zoodiac simbol is Capricorn.

Libra´s Zoodiac Simbol is Septembre 22 to October 21.

Review your information...

ATTE: Uchiha-Itachi-ANBU

Posted by: Uchiha-Itachi-ANBU at December 19, 2009 9:51 PM

shit i hate this pics

this girl never ever will be like my love hinata

Posted by: kenshiro at October 8, 2009 5:54 PM