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Seiso Acedemy Music Department Schoolboy Uniform Cosplay Costume (Summer) Seiso Acedemy Music Department Cosplay Costume (Summer v.2)
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Seiso Music School Summer Cosplay Costume Seiso Music School Uniform Cosplay Costume (Summer)
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Seiso Music White School Uniform Seiso Music White School Uniform Cosplay Costume
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Kin Iro No Corda Seiso School Unifom Seiso General Education School Unifom Cosplay Costume
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Are you a student with no musical background, or a student with musical talent? Dress in either grey or white uniforms according to your passion for music, or simply as your favorite Kiniro no Corda characters! Get these smart-looking and high quality uniform costumes from!

All Kiniro no Corda uniform costumes are photographed by us.