Gakupo Kamui Imitation Black Cosplay Costume

Gakupo Kamui Imitation Black Cosplay Costume

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The purple-haired Samurai Vocaloid Gakupo Kamui returns in this trench coat outfit presenting to you “Imitation Black”! Dress up as the cool Kamui from Vocaloid with this multi- layered costume from the Imitation Black song, complete with fabric layered buttons, colored lining and cuffs, red rose and black ribbons, chains and the black feather boa!

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Product Description

- White Long sleeve shirt
- Black feathery fur shawl ( Approximate length 2M )
- Gray knee length long sleeve button-up trench coat with purple lining and buttons
and Red rose with black ribbon and silver chains attached on left chest area. Light Gray for Cuffs and 2 Light gray hanging thin straps over shoulder
- 2 Black mock leather waist belt ( 4cm width & 6cm width )
- Gray long pants

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Costume Size

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Gakupo Kamui Biography (Vocaloid)

- Gakupo Kamui Bio by Tsunade

Name: Gakupo Kamui
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Character Item: Eggplant

Kamui Gakupo is described to be a flamboyant vocaloid and is sometimes mistaken as a female. Despite that, many praised his purple-themed design which made him stand out from the other Vocaloids.

Gakupo became very popular with his deep and sexy voice, which caressed and touch many female fans with his songs. To match his unique purple color scheme, an eggplant is accompanied.