(Lolita / Maid / Others) Cosplay Costumes

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    Victorian Lolita Dress – Aristocrat Anastasia (Red)

    $190.00 $158.99

    Style comes at the cost of comfort; that's the reason why traditional Victorian clothing has the women using corsets for minimum waistline. Our featured Aristocrat Anastasia Dress has none of that traditional fuss, while bringing you back in time to an era of tea parties and ball dances.

    With a silky smooth satin gown in wine red and charcoal black, this Victorian inspired design is perfect for that mature Royalty look. Create your own aristocratic characters for anime cons or photo shoots!

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    Lolita Dress – Beatrice Black High Collared

    $150.00 $113.99

    This beautiful high collared black dress was inspired by gothic fashion with a hint of the French Maid genre which is highly popular in Japan. The outfit is long-sleeved with white frills at the ends, invoking a sweet demure character with a subtle twist for the dark. Perfect for creating your own character for conventions and photoshoots, or to those parties!

    Comes with a little hat!

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    Lolita Dress – Mademoiselle Blanc White with Black Trimmings

    $138.00 $94.99

    Turn heads left and right with this beautiful long-sleeved white dress with black lining and frilly ends. This fantastically inspired design looks something out of a Final Fantasy game. Perfect for photoshoots, a unique fusion get-up for a party or design your own characters for cosplay conventions!

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    Lolita Dress – Sweet Mathilda (Pink)

    $140.00 $94.99

    Make yourself the centre of attention with the Sweet Mathilda Dress. In light baby pink, this innocent looking dress has a definitive charm to it. From the top, the neck area is covered with white lacy materials up to the chest area and it has a bohemian-like long-sleeves with white cuffs with matching underskirt.

    Create your own character from a time of era-past, or doll yourself up as a Lolita fashionista!

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    Kimono Dress – Sakura Hana (Cherry Blossoms)

    $120.00 $74.99

    Our Sakura Hana Kimono Dress is a creative fusion of the classical Japanese style with a modern twist. The Yukata top is adorned in pink cherry blossom patterns over the black of the night. The big big sleeves on the kimono are worn only by the upper class. The knee-length skirt features the same cherry blossoms but in a sweeter hue of the day. It comes complete with a matching obi wrap.

    Create your own character with this lovely neo-classical Final Fantasy-esque kimono dress!

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    Kimono Dress – Akiyama Akaru (Autumn Red)

    $140.00 $89.99

    Make a bold statement by donning this Autumn Red Akiyama Akaru Kimono Dress! Inspired by modern style, this new age kimono dress is thigh-length, decorated in floral pattern with frilly lace at the ends and it comes with a beautifully designed obi belt wrap to fasten the dress into a playful butterfly ribbon at the back. To top it off, it comes with a matching lolita head dress that flows with the overall look.

    Create your own character with this bold red neo-classical Japanese kimono dress!

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    Kimono Dress – Asagi Hinata (Yellow)

    $140.00 $89.99

    Turn heads around with this sunny yellow Asagi Hinata Kimono Dress; a modern take of the traditional Japanese kimono. Featuring a yellow thigh-length dress adorned in lovely pink floral pattern throughout with frilly lace ends. A stylish yellow obi wrap belt to secure the outfit, and a matching headband to compliment the overall look. Create your own character with this unique dress, or wear it as a Lolita cultural fusion dress!

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    Japanese French Maid Cosplay Costume – Red

    $125.50 $85.99

    You rarely see a Maid don such a bold color while on duty. And indeed, the passionate red hints of some sizzling dessert for later. This Japanese Maid costume is inspired from the French Maid uniforms. It is a comfortable and easy to wear short sleeve knee length Maid Uniform and also double up as a waitress uniform. So let your imagination run wild and create your own character.

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    Kamiyomi: Kimono Cosplay Costume

    $98.00 $78.99

    A modern take on the traditional kimono, this outfit features a kimono top with the iconic long drapey sleeves! Worn in a traditional style with the left side wrapped over the right, the outfit is secured with a pale purple thick obi tie and ties with a huge bow at the front. Red bat motifs are printed on the sleeves as seen in the manga. A modern style outfit that retains the classic kimono features, this unique set makes a sure head-turner at cosplay events!

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    Classic French Maid Cosplay Costume – Black

    $95.50 $76.99

    “Welcome Home, Master”. We are oh-so-familiar with how the Japanese ‘French Maids’ say that. Now, create your own character with this classic black maid uniform with white apron and cosplay as the beautiful fantasy Maid! Also comes with an exclusive white headband and black and white arm covers.

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    Waitress Cosplay Costume – Cotton Candy Pink

    $95.50 $79.99

    “Would you like some cotton candy?” Says the waitress dressed in all but cotton candy pink. Create your own Maid or Waitress character with this Waitress Uniform which can also double up as a Japanese style ‘French Maid’ Uniform. Are you the cutesy waitress with a complex or the confident stuck up Maid? The sky’s the limit with your imagination!

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    Japanese Male Winter School Uniform (White)

    $0.00 $65.99

    Look sleek and sharp in this set of white Japanese male winter school uniform! A simple 2-piece white suit. a.k.a Gakuran as worn by older and more mature students in Japan with colors usually ranging from from dark hues, black or dark blue or white. Look smart as the intellectual middle or high school boys with this long sleeved, top standing collar shirt with clothed buttons down the front, complimented by matching straight cut pants!