Sazh Katzroy Cosplay Costume

Sazh Katzroy Cosplay Costume

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Get your very own Sazh Katzroy cosplay costume from the popular Final Fantasy series. The Eddie-Murphy-like man sporting quite an Afro hairdo s fun to cosplay as in our costume that comes complete with all the little details as worn by Sazh Katzroy himself in the game. Details include silver metal buttons on the jacket, green buttons on his white long sleeve button down shirt and mini belt loops around his left and right mid-thigh khaki pants for his pistol holster. You will not find another costume with such stunning accuracy on the costume!

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Product Description

- Black cotton singlet ( worn inner )
- White long sleeve button down shirt ( unbuttoned ) with green buttons
- Dark and lighter Green Corduroy jacket with silver buttons, yellowish gold lining and yellow bar on shoulder
- Black mock leather half gloves
- Black and brown mock leather Belt
- Light gray khaki pants with mini belt loops around left and right mid-thigh area ( for holster )
- 2 X Brown and Black mock leather revolver holster with mini straps looping around mid-thigh area of khaki pants

* Footwear not included

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Sazh Katzroy Biography (Final Fantasy)

- Sazh Katzroy Bio by Tsunade

Name: Sazh Katzroy
Gender: Male
Age: 40 (Final Fantasy XIII)
Weapon: Vega 42s (Two Pistols)
Ultimate Weapon: Total Eclipses
Exclusive Skill: Cold Blood

He might be middle-aged but he’s still young at heart. The youthful and sprightly Sazh is a charitable man who dedicated his whole life to his son Dajh. Dajh is the only one who drives Sazh’s confidence. He would sacrifice himself to protect his son from becoming a Cie’th.

Although he is afraid of death, he jokes when he is in a near-death situation. With a strong sense of justice and iron-willed character, he helps however he can for his teammates. He might be childish, but when it comes to be serious, he will be. He has matured thinking and takes the role of the peacemaker on the team.