Bleach Cosplay Costumes

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    Byakuya Kuchiki Cosplay Costume (Death God Squad 6 Captain)

    $130.00 $82.99

    Cosplay as Byakuya Kuchiki, the captain of Gotei 13's Squad 6, and also 28th head of one of the 4 great noble clans in Soul Society. This costume set comes with the black default shinigami kimono which all shinigami wears, and the white number 6 captain's cloak. Also includes the beautiful white scarf which Byakuya wears.

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    Yoroichi Shihouin Cosplay Costume (version 2)

    $119.00 $62.99

    Do a Bleach Yoroichi Shihouin Cosplay of the catty ex-captain of the Shinigami 2nd squad. This Bleach Yoroichi Shihouin Cosplay features another version of the highly sensual and gorgeous Yoroichi when she is not parading as a male-voiced black cat. Gather your buddies and form your Bleach Cosplay Team with our selection!

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    Yoroichi Shihouin Cosplay Costume

    $98.90 $58.99

    Dress up as the highly sensual, gorgeous and very attractive Yoroichi Shihouin, when she is not parading as a male-voiced black cat. Don't underestimate Yoroichi Shihouin, her past is a glorious one, being a former commander and captain of Squad Division 2. Cosplay as this enigmatic former Death God!

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    Bleach – Coyote Starrk Primera Espada Cosplay Costume

    $140.00 $85.99

    From the popular Bleach series, Coyote Starrk is the Primera Espada of Aizen's army. Cosplay as the powerful Arrancar with this costume set that consists of the Starrk's white Espada coat, a pair of white gloves and a black sash to wrap around your waist.

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    Ishida Uryu School Uniform (Summer)

    $98.00 $59.99

    Cosplay as the uptight and serious Uryu Ishida from the Bleach universe, with this amazingly detailed school uniform. Comes complete with a white short sleeved shirt, black and green necktie, grey slacks, and a black belt with chrome buckle.

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    Zanpakuto Zangetsu Cosplay Costume (Spirit Form)

    $132.50 $69.99

    Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach steps into the world of his Soul Slayer (Zanpakuto) and finds the Old Man Zangetsu standing all rugged in a flowing black tattered tunic there. Who knew his Soul Slayer would be such a cool guy in shades! You can now cosplay as Zangetsu, spirit form in this high quality cosplay costume!

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    Soi Fong Cosplay Costume (battle version)

    $120.90 $78.99

    This Bleach Soi Fong Cosplay Costume shows the costume of the female captain of the shinigami division 2. Soi Fong has a habit of stripping down her captain garb into a sensual bareback sleeveless outfit when in battle. Cosplay as the desirable Soi Fong in this great 3 piece costume! You can even pass this nose-bleed inducing outfit off as a dinner dress!

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    Yoroichi Shihouin Cosplay Costume (Butterfly v.)

    $119.00 $69.99

    This Bleach Yoroichi Costume is the Soi Fong vs. Yoroichi version where Soi Fong jabs her bee sting-like zanpakuto into Yoroichi’s chest during their battle, creating a beautiful motif of a white butterfly as a target. Cosplay as the former leader of the Shinigami Squad Division 2 with this highly comfortable and stretchable Shihouin Yoroichi Cosplay Costume!

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    Kuchiki Rukia School Uniform Cosplay Costume (with Cardigan)

    $98.00 $57.99

    Get this exclusive Bleach summer girl’s school uniform. Cosplay as Kuchiki Rukia, Inoue Orihime or any of the other school girls in Kurosaki Ichigo’s high school! An additional yellow soft knitted sleeveless vest over her white blouse, looking good while complimenting your gray pleated mini skirt. Also included is a striking red bow tie. Gather the rest of your buddies to form your Bleach Cosplay team!

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    Sousuke Aizen Cosplay Costume (Death God Squad 5 Captain)

    $125.00 $79.99

    Cosplay as the renegade Sousuke Aizen, former leader and captain of Squad no. 5 of the Shinigami Division in Soul Society. This Bleach-inspired cosplay costume set comes with the inner black kimono and the outer white captain cloak with the fifth division’s sigil emblazoned across. Other squads available too!

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    Tia Halibel Cosplay Costume – Black

    $142.90 $84.99

    Fancy Halibel in black? This black version of the Tia Halibel Cosplay Costume dresses you up in Tia Halibel's famous sensual raiment; in black. As with her white Arrancar costume on our cyber rack, this black version is designed with the comfort of your movement in mind. Transform into the no. 3 Arrancar!

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    Ichimaru Gin Cosplay Costume – Arrancar

    $164.80 $92.99

    He calls himself a snake, and it is oh-so-fun to cosplay as Ichimaru Gin, the former shinigami captain of Squad 3, who wears an ever sinister grin on his face. This cosplay costume features what Ichimaru Gin wore after he defected from Soul Society to Huedo Mundo with Aizen. This white long robe exposes an inverted V-slit at the front from knee level right up to approximately waist level. The costume is also durable and breathable especially with its’ wide and long bell sleeves.

About Bleach Cosplay Costumes

Bleach is a story about Ichigo Kurosaki’s career advancement from mere mortal to part time Death God to Vizard to… something larger than life and death itself. Shrug, tell us this isn’t the most accurate synopsis of Bleach you’ve read yet.