Inuyasha Robe of the Fire Rat Cosplay Costume

Inuyasha Robe of the Fire Rat Cosplay Costume

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Inuyasha, the half dog-demon wears the Robe of the Fire Rat given to him by his mother. This 3-piece cosplay costume will transform you into your favourite 'Hanyou'. The costume is cleverly tailored to create the 'puffiness' of the Robe of the Fire Rat. The details are excellent and the quality of the costume is superb. You won't find a better Inuyasha costume anywhere else! Inuyasha necklace is available too.

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Product Description

Available sizes: M, L, XL (Unisex)
- Red pants
- Red Robe
- White inner robe.
- Inuyasha Necklace (cosplay)
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X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, *XX-Small, *XXX-Large, *Kids-Small, *Kids-Large

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Inuyasha Biography (Inuyasha)

- Inuyasha Bio by Tsunade


Name: Inuyasha
Age: 150 (physically looks 15)
Birthday: Unknown
Zodiac: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Half Demon, Half Human
Breed: Akita Inu Dog
Occupation: Shikon Jewel hunter
Characteristics: Grouchy but has a kind heart. Not very smart. Can be used as transportation.
- Turns into a full human on every night of the new moon.
- Gets forcefully pulled to the ground everytime Kagome yells "Sit"
Family: Sesshomaru (older full demon brother)
Ex girlfriend: Kikyo
Current girlfriend: Higurashi Kagome
Weapons: Tetsusaiga sword, his Soul Shattering Iron Claws, and his blood which could be used as "Blades of Blood".

*Also see Inuyasha as a Human Biography

Inuyasha, the title character, literally means dog demon. He wears an attractive red kimono, Robe of the Fire Rat which is stronger than any armor. He has long silvery hair and cute dog ears at the top of his head, which everybody feels an irrepressable urge to squeeze.

Inuyasha is a half dog demon, his father being a very powerful dog demon and his mother a mortal woman. This caused him to be greatly despised by other demons especially his older full demon brother, Sesshomaru.

To become a full fledged demon, Inuyasha tried numerous times to steal the Shikon Jewel (Shikon no Tama) protected by the powerful priestess Kikyo. Inuyasha was always unsuccessful, and Kikyo and Inuyasha soon fell in love. However, they were made to hate each other by the deceitful demon Naraku.

When Inuyasha invaded the village to steal the Shikon Jewel, Kikyo sealed Inuyasha to a tree and died, having her body cremated with the Shikon Jewel.

500 years later, Higurashi Kagome, a modern day 15 years old school girl travelled back in time to 50 years after the incident and released Inuyasha. Kagome was Kikyo's reincarnation and had the Shikon Jewel embedded in her body. She accidentally shattered the Shikon Jewel which scattered all over the world when chasing a crow demon who was after it.

The priestess Kaede, Kikyo's's younger sister, sent Inuyasha and Kagome on the errand to retrieve the Jewel shards, and along the way, Inuyasha and Kagome fell in love (Inuyasha is old enough to be her great great great great grandfather!)

Inuyasha inherited the Tetsusaiga, his father's great sword forged from his father's fang. The powerful Tetsusaiga could slay a hundred demons with a swing, and untouchable by other full fledged demons. That made Sesshomaru, who was hankering after the sword really mad.

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