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Yukimura Chizuru Kimono Costume Yukimura Chizuru Cosplay Costume (Kimono)
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Shinsengumi Blue Uniform ( Hakuouki ) Shinsengumi Blue Uniform
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Yukimura Chizuru ( Western Version ) Cosplay Costume Yukimura Chizuru Cosplay Costume (Western Style Version)
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Okita Souji Cosplay Costume Okita Souji Cosplay Costume (Western)
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Chikage Kazama Costume Chikage Kazama Cosplay Costume (version 1)
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The Hakuoki costumes above are made of high quality material and are all photographed by us. You get what you see. Here's your chance to cosplay as either Chizuru or any of the famous Shinshengumi and roleplay your Shoujo fantasies.

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