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Kira Yamato Cosplay (Civilian)

Cosplay as Kira Yamato, the world-peace advocator-hero and pilot of the Freedom and Strike Freedom Mobile Suit GUNDAMs from Gundam Seed Destiny. This special civilian clothes which he wears when he's not saving the world are so smart and comfortable with our high quality material that you can even wear it to the Mall! Includes the red vest inside as well!

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The photos here are of the actual costume. Beware of stores that use our photos but ship you lower quality costumes.

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- Black Blazer
- Red Sleeveless Top (inside)
- Black Pants

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Kira Yamato Cosplay

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Kira Yamato Cosplay Civilian photographKira Yamato Cosplay Civilian photographKira Yamato Cosplay Civilian photographKira Yamato Cosplay Civilian photographKira Yamato Cosplay Civilian photograph

Kira Yamato (Gundam Seed Destiny) Biography

- by Tsunade

Kira Yamato Gundam Seed Destiny

Name: Kira Yamato
Age: 18
Birthday: May 18
Zodiac: Taurus
Gender: Male
Genetic type: Coordinator (The super kind)
Signature Mobile Suit Gundam: ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam
New uber-cool Gundam: ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam
Talent: Escaping from MAJOR Gundam explosions unharmed
Occupation: Refugee on Archangel
Ex girlfriend: Psychopath Flay Allster
Current girlfriend: Lacus Clyne
Marital Status: Domestic partner with Lacus Clyne
Special power: Super God-mode cheat button

2 years passed since the final huge battle in Gundam Seed and Kira Yamato has evolved to become a wise saint and a man of few words. He is a domestic partner of Lacus Clyne and a hoarde of noisy orphans very much resembling the bouncing Haros in Gundam Seed.

When the ZAFT forces tried to assasinate Lacus Clyne, Kira hopped onto his famous ZGMF-X10A Freedom Mobile suit Gundam which was impressively stashed away from prying eyes on some remote mountain and started his chain of heroic deeds with the reassembled crew on Archangel.

The action started with him kidnapping his sister, Cagalli on her wedding day. Subsequently, they parked Archangel on the ocean floor while choosing selected battles to stop. Kira has been promoted to become the head advisor on Archangel as he seemed to hold the main decision making power. He also has a new Super God-mode cheat button, which throws his enemies into gagging fear ("It's... it's... Freedom!") after which he could kick and cripple the enemy Gundams easily. And all these he does without once breaking into tears! Oh how our hero has grown... (and his hair too)

His heroic ways drew hatred (actually i think they're all just jealous) from both the Earth and ZAFT forces. In one battle, Shinn Asuka striked Freedom down. Once again, Kira displays his amazing talent and miraculously escapes with minimal injuries from a full scale Gundam explosion. At the same time, Lacus Clyne was in space engineering a new Gundam for him, the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom. Strike Freedom has numerous power-up functions so it was just as well Freedom got destroyed.

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