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Lenalee Lee Version 1 Black Order Cosplay Costume

Lenalee Lee Cosplay Costume (ver. 1)

Cosplay as the cute and irresistible Lenalee in her pioneer version of her Black Order uniform. Adorable with her pair of high ponytails, put on Lenalee's blouse and skirt set with contrasting black with white lining, straps, cuffs and details. Inclusive of metallic chrome shined buttons with intricate black details on the buttons itself. Gather your buddies to cosplay as the rest of the stars from D.Gray-man!

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This cosplay costume may take an additional 5 to 14 days for tailoring.

The photos here are of the actual costume. Beware of stores that use our photos but ship you lower quality costumes.

Choose Your Size (female)

- Black Order long sleeve female uniform top ( crest not included )
- Black side button-up shirt/blouse with white lining, cuffs and details. Chrome metal buttons
- Black with white lining matching belt
- Black fitting thigh high skirt with white pleats on left and right

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Lenalee Lee Version 1 Black Order Cosplay Costume

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Lenalee Lee Cosplay Costume ver 1 photographLenalee Lee Cosplay Costume ver 1 photographLenalee Lee Cosplay Costume ver 1 photographLenalee Lee Cosplay Costume ver 1 photographLenalee Lee Cosplay Costume ver 1 photograph

Lenalee Lee (D.Gray-Man)

-Lenalee Lee Bio by Dyosa

Name: Lenalee Lee
Age: 16
Known as: Lenalee
Nationality: Chinese
Occupation: Exorcist
Hobby: Making and serving coffee. Kicking the soul out of Akuma.
Abilities: Utilizes her anti-Akuma weapon, Dark boots.


Her boots are made for killing.

Lenalee Lee is the beloved sister of Black Order Supervisor Komui Lee. Her anti-Akuma weapon is called Dark Boots that are capable of killer kicks and gives her ability to run extraordinarily fast and jump amazingly high.

Loneliness knows this girl by name, which nearly makes her insane when Akuma killed her parents and she was forced to become an Exorcist. Good thing his brother joined the Order and her sanity was restored. This is also the reason why she values family and friends so much.

She is mostly seen going around, holding a tray full of coffee and serving it to sleep-deprived staff of Black Order.

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