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Code Geass: Cornelia Li Brittania Cosplay Costume Cornelia Li Brittania Cosplay Costume
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Code Geass, C.C. Cosplay Costume C.C. White Costume (straight jacket)
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Lelouch Zero costume Lelouch Lamperouge Zero Cosplay Costume (Code Geass R2)
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Viletta Nu Cosplay Costume Villetta Nu Cosplay Costume
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C.C. R 2 Black Costume C.C. R2 Cosplay Costume (Black)
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Code Geass, Lelouch Lamperouge outfit Brittania Ashford Academy Lelouch Lamperouge School Uniform Costume
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Kururugi Suzaku Cosplay Costume (Knight) Kururugi Suzaku Cosplay Costume (Knight)
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Shirley Fenette School Uniform Cosplay Costume ( Code Geass ) Brittania Ashford Academy Female School Uniform Costume
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Sumeragi Kaguya Cosplay Costume Sumeragi Kaguya Cosplay Costume
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Lloyd Asplund Cosplay Costume Lloyd Asplund Cosplay Costume
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Lelouch Lamperouge's Zero Cloak Lelouch Lamperouge's Zero Cloak
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The creative costumes and attire featured in the Code Geass series have spun imagination of many. Here at, we acrefully replicate the multi-detailed clothes into cosplay costumes. Our tailors carefully chose the material used in our cosplay costumes to re-create the 2D look of the attire convincingly into their 3D form.

If you are looking for Code Geass Merchandise that will go with the costumes above, here are some popular items:
- Necktie
- Emblem Iron On
- Pink Necklace
- Silver Necklace
- Emblem Necklace