Accel World - Haruyuki Arita School Uniform Cosplay Costume

Accel World – Haruyuki Arita School Uniform

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Haruyuki Arita is the main protagonist of the anime series, Accel World and unlike many other protagonists from different anime, he is a plump young man and he is always bullied in school. Upon meeting the leader of the Black Legion, Kuroyukihime, he acquired the Silver Crow avatar which is the only avatar able to fly and together, they plan to meet the creator of the Brain Burst game after they defeat the Six Kings of Pure Colour. Cosplay as Haruyuki with this full set of Umesato Junior high uniform consisting of a blue jacket and pants suit set, a white dress shirt and a green tie.

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Product Description

- White dress shirt
- Green necktie
- Blue 3 button jacket
- Blue pants

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Haruyuki Arita(Accel World)

- Haruyuki Arita Bio by Tsunade

Name: Haruyuki Arita
Age: 13
Birthday: 23 April
Height: 134cm
Weight: 56kg
Gender: Male
Partner: Kuroyukihime
School: Umesato Junior High
Legion: Nega Nebulus

Haruyuki Arita is the main male character of the anime series, Accel World. In the series, he is known for his Brain Burst avatar called 'Silver Crow' well-known for his flying abilities(something that only his Brain Burst avatar can do). Together with Kuroyukihime, they plan to defeat the Six Kings of Pure Colour and afterwards, meet the creator of Brain Burst. Before the start of the main series, Haruyuki's parents separated when he was just 7 years old.

Appearance-wise, Haruyuki is a plump young man who has brown hair and black eyes. He is almost always seen wearing the Umesato Junior High uniform consisting of a blue suit, white dress shirt and blue tie. It was noted that prior to his parents' divorce, he had a normal weight. Personality-wise, Haruyuki is quite a timid and shy person due to Araya always bullying him. After meeting up with Kuroyukihime and getting the Brain Burst program, he started changing, standing up for himself and becoming more dependable.

As his Duel Avatar, Silver Crow, Haruyuki has a human-like shape with a green faceplate that he can remove to consume food. Like his name imply, his avatar is completely silver in colour and he is able to fly using his wings. He has a variety of abilities that he can use to fight in the name of his legion.