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    K Project – Neko Cosplay Costume

    $95.00 $47.99

    “Nan!!” Neko is one of the main characters from the popular K Project series. She is a Strain with mind altering powers and she has an unhealthy obsession with the main protagonist, Shiro. Add to your cosplay repertoire this Neko outfit consisting of her snuggly wooly long-sleeved dress with yellow ribbon attachment and a pair of white furry shoe covers.

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    Sakura Haruno Cosplay Costume (Naruto Movie The Last)

    $109.00 $64.99

    Sakura Haruno from the Naruto Shippuden series is all grown up. She is a ninja of Konohagakure and is an expert in medical ninjutsu and has come a LOONGG way from the little long haired Sasuke admirer to the kunoichi she is today. Cosplay as Sakura in her ninja attire as seen in The Last movie with this costume set consisting of her red sleeveless cheongsam-inspired raiment with a white back pouch attachment, a pair of pink elbow and knee pads, a pair black gloves and black tights. Quality guaranteed!

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    Naruto Uzumaki – 7th Hokage Cosplay Costume

    $150.00 $81.99

    Naruto Uzumaki needs no introduction. He has come a long way and is now FINALLY a full-fledged Hokage. Cosplay as Naruto the 7th Hokage in our high quality cosplay costume! His attire consists of his trademark orange colour zippered jacket, a pair of black 3/4 pants and of course, his white cape with red flame pattern emblazoned with the kanji introducing him as the Seventh Hokage; reminiscent of his dad’s own 4th Hokage cloak!

    Get the prestigious Hokage hat separately to complete your Naruto cosplay!

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    Persocom Chii White Dress Cosplay Costume

    $121.00 $69.99

    Dress up as everybody's favourite Persocom, Chii, from the Chobits series! Cosplay as the wide-eyed and adorably docile Elda, who was picked up from the streets by Hideaki in this white lolita style dress, with a short skirt in front flowering out into a grand long flowing skirt at the back. This dress is so remarkably beautiful that you can even wear it to formal events!

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    Star Wars – Jedi Robe (Light Brown) Cosplay Costume

    $80.00 $49.99

    Check out our high quality fleece Jedi Robe Cloak for you to cosplay as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, or the other Jedi! Choose from either light 40-inch long cloak or dark 55-inch long cloak! Definitely not to be missed by all Star Wars fans! Brought to you by Sega

    While stocks last only!

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    Taiga Kagami Seirin Jersey No. 10 (White)

    $98.90 $39.99

    Taiga Kagami, no. 10 player of Seirin High school will be a fun character to cosplay as, especially if shorter your buddy is taking on the role of Tetsuya Kuroko! This white version of the Seirin basketball jersey is great! Made of the airy material used for real jerseys, put this on and go for a game or 2 in it.

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    One Punch Man – Saitama Cosplay Costume

    $110.00 $74.99

    Cosplay as the legendary One Punch man, aka, Saitama! He is the undisputed strongest man on Earth and he annihilates monsters with a single punch. Cosplay as the Caped Baldy with this set of Saitama's hero costume consisting of the yellow jumpsuit, black belt, white cape and a pair of red gloves.

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    Uzumaki Naruto Cosplay Costume

    $119.50 $58.99

    Uzumaki Naruto, the hero of the Naruto series wears his trademark orange jumpsuit. This 2-piece costume will also keep you warm as a jacket even if you're not intending to cosplay as Naruto. Wear it to school or work as a fashion statement! And if you ARE cosplaying as Naruto, the details of this costume are distinct and makes a perfect choice for Naruto cosplayers.

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    Tokyo Ghoul – Aogiri Tree Cloak

    $99.00 $59.99

    The Aogiri Tree is a powerful ghoul syndicate featured in the Tokyo Ghoul series. Established a decade ago, its base of operations is in the 11th Ward and it houses most of the villains in the series. Cosplay as an Aogiri Tree member with this maroon coloured Aogiri Tree cloak as seen in the anime and manga series.

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    K Project – Reisi Munakata Cosplay Costume

    $180.00 $134.99

    Reisi Munakata aka Blue King, is the head of Scepter 4. Cosplay as the sophisticated and elegant Blue King with this highly detailed Reisi Munakata costume. This high quality cosplay outfit consists of his high-collared long coat, inner white long-sleeved shirt with blue vest, a white paisley ascot, a pair of navy blue trousers as well as a black leather belt for his coat and a brown leather sword belt.

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    Ciel Phantomhive Noah Circus Arc Cosplay Costume

    $138.90 $77.99

    Cosplay as Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji a.k.a Black Butler with this blue and white Noah Circus Arc cosplay costume. Step into the world of this seemingly emotionless, head of the Phantomhive noble family. This version of Ciel's costume relating back to his brief participation with the Noah's Ark Circus in which ' Smile ' was his stage name is an exciting rendition to cosplay!

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    Lenalee Lee Cosplay Costume (ver. 3)

    $110.00 $88.99

    Cosplay as Lenalee Lee, the teenage Chinese exorcist, from the the anime D.Gray-man. Look sharp and elite in this very striking black and red costume which includes a black long sleeved-top and a layered red skirt. This costume is made of high-quality and comfortable materials ensuring that you can use it anytime and every time you want. The skirt can also be used on casual occasions like those lazy Sunday afternoon strolls.

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    Lavi Cosplay Costume v.3

    $150.00 $115.99

    Now, this is what you can call a costume that shouts “hey look at me!”. Just from the black and red color scheme you definitely have a looker and sure winner. This elaborate cosplay costume of Lavi of the anime series D.Gray-man consists of a black long sleeved-top, a pair of full length black and white pants, a red scarf , a black headband and an eyepatch! Whoa, i must say that's a lot just listing it down and the costume details are definitely top notch!

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    Sailor Mercury Cosplay Costume Version 3

    $160.00 $132.99

    Ami Mizuno aka Sailor Mercury possesses the power to control and manipulate water and is considered the 'brains' of the Sailor Senshi. Cosplay as the intelligent and powerful Mercury with this highly detailed uniform of Sailor Mercury as seen in the musicals. This outfit consists of the sailor top and skirt with Mercury's signature colour combination of blue with gold lining and it has sewn on mini pearls at the shoulder sleeve area. Additional accessories includes the white arm-length gloves, blue chest and back ribbons and the golden choker and tiara with faux aquamarine embossed in the centre of each.

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    Roy Mustang Cosplay Costume

    $135.00 $75.99

    From Full Metal Alchemist series comes this Roy Mustang Cosplay Costume. Look smart and sharp as Colonel Roy Mustang as he don his 3-piece blue Amestris military uniform. Cosplay as the suave Flame Alchemist! Optional Roy Mustang gloves available too!

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    Ryota Kise Kaijou Jersey No. 7 (White)

    $98.90 $39.99

    Cosplay as the pretty boy of the Generation of Miracles, Kise Ryota with this basketball jersey inspired from Kuroko's Basketball's Kaijou High School. Our jerseys are made of dry-fit airy material to ensure your best performance in your game of basketball. Perfect for cosplaying AND basketball.

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    Sailor Neptune Cosplay Costume Version 3

    $160.00 $116.99

    Beauty and elegance pretty much describes 16-year-old Michiru Kaiou aka Sailor Neptune. Add to your cosplay repertoire this set of Sailor Neptune costume featured in the musicals. This one-of-a-kind outfit consists of the white and green sailor top with sewn on green pearls and gold lining, a green skirt with purple and gold lining, a pair of white gloves, blue chest and back ribbons, a green choker and the golden tiara – both embossed with a green gemstone.

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    Tokyo Ghoul – Touka Kirishima Battle Suit Version 2

    $140.00 $73.99

    Touka Kirishima is the main female protagonist of the anime series, Tokyo Ghoul. She is a part-time waitress at the Anteiku coffee shop and is known as 'Rabbit'; one of the most notorious ghouls wanted by the CCG. Cosplay as the feisty Touka Kirishima with her version 2 battle suit consisting of a black leather hoodie, leather skirt and a pair of black stockings.

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    Star Wars – Jedi Robe (Dark Brown) Cosplay Costume

    $80.00 $49.99

    Featuring the dark brown Jedi robe worn by the Jedis of the epic Star Wars series! This high quality fleece Jedi Robe Cloak for you to cosplay as Obi-Wan Kenobi or Anakin Skywalker, or you can even create your own Jedi character! Choose from either the light 40-inch cloak or dark 55-inch cloak. Brought to you by Sega

    Limited stocks only

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    Sailor Moon Cosplay Costume Version 3

    $140.00 $99.99

    Cosplay as the Guardian of Love and Justice herself with this incredibly detailed costume set that was featured in the Sailor Moon Musical. This specially made Sailor Moon outfit features the white and blue sailor top which has sewn on pearls on the sleeves and glittery gold lining, a white skirt with blue and gold lining, chest(red) and back(white) ribbon, 1x pair of white arm gloves, a gold choker and tiara – both embossed with a red jewel.

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    Yoko Littner Cosplay Costume (Gurren Lagann)

    $132.80 $79.99

    This Gurren Lagann Yoko Littner Cosplay Costume from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann features Yoko Littner looking great in her daring 2-piece outfit. This foxy red haired female protagonist is also an expert in firearms and flaunts of her curvy assets with her red flame bikini top with her black faux leather skimpy spandex type bottoms. No mistakes about it, this Yoko Littner Cosplay Costume is bound to make heads turn and may even cause a traffic accident or 2!

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    Fairy Tail – Lucy Heartifilia Cosplay Costume

    $89.00 $49.99

    From the anime series Fairy Tail, Lucy Heartfilia is a mage of the Fairy Tail guild and is the member of Team Natsu. Cosplay as the voluptuous and confident Lucy Heartfilia with this set of her white blouse and blue skirt, Lucy's main signature outfit which she chooses to wear now and then no matter which era she's in!

    Lucy's blue hair tie is included in this costume too.

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    Naruto – Zetsu Akatsuki Cloak

    $120.00 $68.99

    Everybody wants to be an Akatsuki member! Our latest featured Akatsuki cloak is inspired by the group's spy extraordinaire, Zetsu, who is the only member wearing especially long arm sleeves, to hide his whatever. The cloak is below knee-length and it has a red zipper in the middle with a red interior. We also guarantee awesome quality!

    Round up your friends to cosplay as the rest of the Akatsuki members like Itachi, Sasori, Deidara, Pain, Konan, Tobi, Kisame, Hidan, Kakuzu and even Orochimaru using our default Akatsuki cloak here!

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    Sailor Saturn Cosplay Costume Version 3

    $180.00 $125.99

    12-year old Hotaru Tomoe is the human identity of the powerful Sailor Saturn. Cosplay as the Goddess of Destruction with this highly detailed Sailor Saturn costume as seen in the Sailor Moon Musical. This outfit consists of the white sailor top with purple collar with matching purple chest ribbon, a purple skirt, a pair of white arm gloves, a neck choker and the golden tiara.

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    Danmachi – Hestia Cosplay Costume

    $90.00 $58.99

    Hestia is the main female protagonist of the anime series, Danmachi. She is the head of the Hestia Family and is the one who recruited Bell Cranel. Cosplay as the petite Goddess with this set of highly detailed Hestia costume. Consists of her almost-not-there white mini dress along with matching pair of white gloves, a blue collar ribbon and yes, The Legendary B**b String, as well as her hair accessories!

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    Kirito Cosplay Costume (SAO)

    $250.00 $176.99

    Kirito wears one of the coolest outfits in the Sword Art Online (SAO) game while he struggles to survive. Our Kirito cosplay costume promises you the best quality you'll be able to find. This 10 piece complete outfit includes everything Kirito wore in the SAO series. Shoes and swords are available separately too! Click on the pictures to view details of the costume.

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    Hatake Kakashi Jounin Cosplay Costume

    $109.00 $76.99

    This 3-piece ninja Jounin cosplay costume not only lets you cosplay as Hatake Kakashi, everybody's favourite sensei; but also as the other Konoha ninja such as Maito Gai, Umino Iruka, Nara Shikamaru and others! Kakashi's navy blue ninja mask, ninja sandals and Konoha headband are available separately too.

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    Sonohara Anri Cosplay Costume

    $98.00 $69.99

    Step into the World of Durarara! with this Sonohara Anri cosplay costume which is actually her school uniform. Cosplay as one of the main female character, the bespectacled Sonohara; the timid, quiet and shy one, or any of the other female characters. This 4-piece cosplay costume is easy to wear, ensuring quality, style and comfort for the wearer.

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    Seigaku Regular Jersey Sweater and Trackpants

    $98.00 $49.99

    Join Echizen Ryouma and his fellow teammates from the Prince of Tennis series! This great Seigaku regulars' Jersey sweater and trackpants can be worn to keep yourself warm anywhere and at anytime with its comfortable jacket material. Also perfect for cosplaying as a Seigaku Tennis player of your choice.

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    Deuce Cosplay Costume (Final Fantasy Type 0)

    $180.00 $132.99

    Be one of the cadets in Class Zero with this adorable outfit belonging to Deuce! Wear the velvet red cape just the way she does, wrapped up like a scarf. The cute tartan miniskirt goes perfectly with the knee-high socks, and can double up as a playful weekend outfit as it easily goes well with other closet basics.

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    Ryouta Kise Kaijou Jersey No. 7 (Blue)

    $98.90 $39.99

    The pretty boy of the Generation of Miracles; you can cosplay as Kise Ryouta of Kuroko's Basketball whether you're a girl or a boy. Kise wears the stunning blue basketball jersey of Kaijou High School. All the better to match his blond hair. Our Kuroko's Basketball jerseys are made of dry-fit airy material to ensure your best performance in your game of basketball. Perfect for cosplaying AND basketball.

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    Chiyo Sakura School Uniform

    $130.00 $79.99

    Whether you are cosplaying as Chiyo Sakura from Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-ku), or you just feel like dressing up as a Japanese school girl, this 4 piece cosplay uniform set, complete with blouse, skirt and jacket, is perfect to achieve the look you're aiming for!