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    Slam Dunk Ryota Miyagi Shohoku Basketball Jersey Red 7

    $78.00 $44.99

    Cosplay as the floor general of Shohoku High; Ryota Miyagi, with this red(away) Shohoku High jersey. Made from actual jersey material for playing sports or for cosplay purpose!

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    Sailor Moon Sailor Venus Super S Cosplay Costume

    $160.00 $99.99

    Cosplay as the Soldier of Love and Beauty with this impressively detailed Sailor Venus Super S edition costume. Comes with the golden tiara, Senshi blouse, white gloves and red short skirt complete with ribbons.

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    Sailor Jupiter Makoto Kino School Uniform Cosplay Costume

    $90.00 $57.99

    Props to Makoto Kino for her loyalty to her former school, wearing their uniform despite being transferred to another school (or maybe it was just because she's too tall?). This cosplay set includes a white long sleeved blouse with brown stitching and a knee length brown skirt.

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    Yukina Himeragi Cosplay Costume

    $110.00 $68.99

    Cosplay as the main female protagonist of the Strike the Blood anime series; Yukina Himeragi, with this highly detailed Ayumi Academy uniform. The costume set comes with a white blouse, blue collar ribbon, checkered skirt and a pair of black socks to rock that anime school girl look.

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    Sailor Mercury Super S Cosplay Costume

    $170.00 $107.99

    Suit up as the brainiac Sailor Mercury with this complete costume set. Made with quality fabric, the details are astonishing in this one; featuring(from top-to-bottom): a golden tiara, light blue and white senshi blouse, elbow length gloves, blue short skirt with matching blue stockings.

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    Eren Yeager Recon Corp Uniform Cosplay Costume (Full Set)

    $135.00 $98.99

    Are you game for battling Titans on the frontline as part of the fearless Recon Corp (aka Survey Corps or Scouting Legion)? This full set of costume consists of the complicated 3D Manuver Gear body harness which is an icon of the soldier's uniform, and a jacket bearing the 'Wings of Freedom' insignia in high-quality embroidery! Exactly mimicking the design from the series, the body harness of 3 parts is joined by convenient clips, and supported by elastic bands so size is not an issue. A leather belt holds the jeans in place, and leather leg warmers and hip wrap are worn above the harness. Simply put on the brown cropped jacket and you would be unmistakable as one of the chivalrous soldiers!

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    Alice Carroll Cosplay Costume (Summer) Orange Planet Company

    $150.00 $90.99

    Turn your tour guide mode on with this Aria costume set. This Undine costume is from the Orange Planet company which features the awesome Alice Carroll. Comes with a white sailor cap, the Orange Planet outfit and a pair of yellow gloves signifying the earliest rank of a water-guide.

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    Lightning (Claire Farron) Cosplay Costume (Final Fantasy XIII)

    $198.00 $138.99

    Dress up and cosplay as Lightning (real name Claire Farron), the pink haired 21 year old former sergeant of the Guardian Corps. Complete your cosplay of this cool and aloof l’Cie in our high quality well detailed full cosplay costume of Lightning including the pouch and all related accessories!

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    Moka Akashiya Cosplay Costume

    $150.00 $92.99

    Pose as a student of the school of monsters, Youkai Academy, with this complete set of uniform featured in the popular anime; Rosario + Vampire. This high quality outfit includes a white button up blouse, green jacket with white lining, brown checkered skirt and the rosario necklace to top it off.

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    Dark Sora Cosplay Costume

    $230.00 $148.99

    Take on an instant image of cool in this dark outfit of Sora's Anti Form. The distinct blue trim outlining the outfit creates the illusion of Dark Sora moving in the darkness. Baggy balloon pants paired with a sleeveless inner shirt are comfortable to move about in and makes you all ready for activity and battle! Complete the look with the iconic waist chain and its two functional side pouches, as well as the fingerless gloves with the faux leather detail.

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    Sailor Chibi Moon Super S Cosplay Costume

    $190.00 $117.99

    At 900 years old, Chibiusa looks nothing like her age. Cosplay as the future daughter of the titular soldier; Sailor Moon. This detailed costume includes a golden tiara, a Sailor soldier outfit with red ribbon, a pair of arm gloves and a pair of pink stockings, all made with high quality cotton.

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    Italia Cosplay Costume (sailor uniform)

    $98.00 $53.99

    Step into the world of the protagonist and Hetalia’s representation of Italy, Italia! This is a version of the costume as was worn by him when he attend Germany’s basic classes on warfare. Just like a sailor or sailor man’s outfit, this costume really does bring out the cheerful and sweet side of Italia. Dress up, cosplay and have fun with this rendition of Hetalia’s Italia cosplay costume!

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    Akari Mizunashi Cosplay Costume – Aria Company (Summer)

    $135.00 $95.99

    There is more to being an undine than just rowing and pointing at places. The best of them has great charisma and people skills to please the toughest of tourists. Cosplay as one of the greats; Akari Mizunashi with this Aria undine single uniform. Consists of a white knee length dress, a blue arm length glove and the Aria Company’s sailor cap.

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    Rin Tohsaka Red Cloak And School Uniform Cosplay Costume

    $159.00 $103.99

    Don’t let her girlish look fool you; Rin Tohsaka is the master of Archer in the fifth Holy Grail War and this tsundere master has a couple of cool moves which she displays while her red cloak billows behind her. Cosplay as Rin Tohsaka with this fashionable and detailed cosplay attire of Rin’s full Autumn school uniform and her signature her red cloak!

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    Sword Art Online (SAO): Kirito Cosplay Shoes

    $180.00 $158.99

    Kirito's SAO character would be incomplete as the 'Black Swordsman' without this pair of black boots! Adorned with metal protection plates on the front and heel, this would otherwise be a regular pair of slip-in boots sporting a gray trim. Silver buckles on either side hold down a strap going over the foot. The front metal plate is removable, allowing this to function as daily shoes for your closet!

    *Shoes are made to be strong and durable and can sustain the reasonable wear and tear of daily usage.

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    Hoodie Jacket Luna Purple

    $98.00 $49.99

    It’s no easy task to be a personal advisor to Sailor Moon, especially when you’re just a cute cat. Such is the job of the series’ loveable purple cat. Pamper yourself with this soft and comfortable purple hoodie jacket with Luna’s embroidery (and ears), made with high quality cotton material.

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    ANBU White Cloak Cosplay Costume

    $89.00 $56.99

    One of the coolest thing about being an ANBU is you get to wear their white cloaks with hoodies. Don’t underestimate this simple cosplay. You gotta have some moves to make for a convincing ANBU! So if you don’t know which Naruto character to cosplay as, why not try out as one of the ANBU ninjas? Black ANBU cloak available here

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    Tadase Hotori Guardian Cosplay Costume (Male)

    $130.00 $80.99

    From Shugo Chara! Cosplay as the leader of the Guardians, Tadase Hotori. Look sleek and elegant with our featured Tadase school uniform costume set, comprising of an inner white shirt with blue necktie and black jacket, a pair of blue checkered pattern shorts with matching coat.

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    Seirin Jersey Jacket Cosplay Costume (Version 1)

    $89.00 $61.99

    “Seirin FIGHT!” is the cheer for the everybody’s favorite basketball team of Kuroko’s Basketball, Seirin High. Stand out from the crowd during basketball matches and/or cosplay shows with this Seirin High pre-game outfit. Includes a white button up jersey jacket embroidered with Seirin’s name, with black long sleeves, and a pair of white and black jersey pants, made from high quality materials. These are real sports jerseys so wear them to a round of basketball in style!

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    Meiko Cosplay Costume (Version 2)

    $113.80 $63.99

    This Vocaloid Meiko Cosplay Costume is sure to turn heads! Meiko’s character and voice was based from a Japanese female singer, Meiko Haigou. A fun faux leather two-piece cosplay costume consisting of a zip-up mid-riff top (black tube inner), matching shorts and contrasting white belt. Get yourself ready for all Vocaloid’s Cosplay events, and form your own Vocaloid Cosplay Team with our wide array of Vocaloid cosplay costumes!

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    Claude Faustus Cosplay Costume

    $150.00 $102.99

    Sebastian Michaelis is not the only hell of a butler from Kuroshitsuji. Introducing the other demon butler, Claude Faustus, who debuts in Black Butler Season 2. Cosplay as the bespectacled Claude Faustus in this Claude’s version of the butler attire!

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    Zanpakuto Zangetsu Cosplay Costume (Spirit Form)

    $132.50 $69.99

    Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach steps into the world of his Soul Slayer (Zanpakuto) and finds the Old Man Zangetsu standing all rugged in a flowing black tattered tunic there. Who knew his Soul Slayer would be such a cool guy in shades! You can now cosplay as Zangetsu, spirit form in this high quality cosplay costume!

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    Himeya Company Uniform Cosplay Costume (Summer Version)

    $130.00 $80.99

    In beautiful Neo-Venezia, one should not miss the sight-seeing tour the city has to offer. Navigate around the water town using gondolas rowed by pretty girls and be charmed with their pleasing personalities. Featured here is our Himeya Summer uniform adorned with striking details such as the red lining, ribbon and crest. Comes complete with Himeya’s red headdress and red glove.

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    Kamigishi Akari School Uniform (Summer) Cosplay Costume

    $98.00 $55.99

    Dress up in this school-girl-uniform and cosplay as characters like Kamigishi Akari, Nagaoka Shiho or Kurusugawa Serika. Extremely comfortable and breathable, this costume is made for the comfort of everyday usage. Capture the true-blue Japanese school girl look with this pretty pink summer school uniform!

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    Roronoa Zoro Cosplay Costume (One Piece: New World)

    $130.00 $76.99

    A colour so often associated to Zoro with his green ‘marimo’ hair, this distinct outfit in green is what he dons in the New World arc. A daring long overcoat opening up in front to reveal his haramaki and scarred chest is tied in place with his iconic red sash. Cosplayers would be delighted to find details like the roulette wooden buttons that run down the front opening of the coat, as well as the bandana that encircles his left arm! Loose-fitting and comfortable to move around in, one can focus more energy on attempting to wield the three swords to channel the laidback power of Zoro!

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    Sakata Kintoki Cosplay Costume

    $99.00 $78.99

    Cosplay as one of the greatest anime trolls- Sakata Gintoki’s… ultimate rival: Sakata Kintoki! Kintoki is everything Gintoki is not, down to the golden straight hair! This detailed costume comes with a white zippered shirt, white pants, white belt and a black embroidered yukata, the exact opposite of Gintoki’s usual palette. Excellent for cosplaying with your buddy as Gintoki!

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    Scouting Legion / Recon Corp Cape (Green)

    $85.00 $38.99

    The reason why the Recon Corp in Attack On Titan is exceptionally cooler than the other military divisions is because of that green billowing cape, I tell you. Inspired from the series, this green cape comes complete with a a hoodie and boasts the Wings Of Freedom sigil.

    This is a superbly tailored Recon Corp Cape. For the quality, the price is unbelievably low.

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    Sailor Mars Rei Hino School Uniform Cosplay Costume

    $110.00 $61.99

    Rei Hino aka Sailor Mars, is the Guardian of Fire and Passion from the Sailor Moon series. Add to your collection our featured costume set of Rei’s school uniform. Comes with a grey blazer, side adjustable using zippers, red ribbon and a brown short skirt.

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    Suigintou Cosplay Costume

    $135.00 $95.99

    Suigintou, the 1st doll which doll-maker Rozen created, was discarded as a failed prototype, causing her to be a tortured soul. Cosplay as the evil Rozen Maiden doll, Suigintou, in this beautiful top-quality soft velvet blue costume. The workmanship and details are exquisite and will transform you into an enchanted doll!

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    Hoozuki no Reitetsu Cosplay Costume

    $80.00 $58.99

    ‘King of Hell’s Deputy’ totally sounds like a badass job description and that’s exactly what Hoozuki is known for. Cosplay as the handsome and violent demon with this detailed Hoozuki yukata. Made with good quality material, complete with the Hoozuki’s logo and his rope belt.

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    Enma Ai Summer School Uniform Cosplay Costume

    $98.00 $65.99

    Enma Ai, the Girl from Hell, wears a sailor school uniform when she is ‘off-duty’ from dramatic work of ferrying her clients off to Hell. This summer school uniform variation of her normal black winter costume is a cooler alternative for both the Jigoku Shoujo and yourself! Cosplay with this outfit for an alternative look as Enma Ai and complete your look by adding straw dolls and bell bracelets!

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    Piccolo Cosplay Costume

    $99.00 $56.99

    Piccolo-san is easily one of the most recognizable anime characters of all time. Cosplay as Dragon Ball’s favourite Namek with this get up – includes his iconic purple sleeveless karate gi with blue belt and orange velcro wristband. Green bodypaint not included.

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    Russia Cosplay Costume

    $139.00 $79.99

    This Hetalia Russia Cosplay Costume features the costume of one of the main character from the Hetalia series. Cosplay as Russia with this 3 piece cosplay set of a long tan coat, green pants and white scarf round the neck! Keeps you warm during cold nights and cool on a winter cosplay night out!

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    Kirito Cosplay Costume (SAO)

    $250.00 $176.99

    Kirito wears one of the coolest outfits in the Sword Art Online (SAO) game while he struggles to survive. Our Kirito cosplay costume promises you the best quality you'll be able to find. This 10 piece complete outfit includes everything Kirito wore in the SAO series. Shoes and swords are available separately too! Click on the pictures to view details of the costume.

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    Eli Ayase Cosplay Costume

    $120.00 $84.99

    Cosplay as Eli Ayase, the blonde School Idol with Russian roots. From the School Idol band μ’s (‘Muse’). This cosplay set comes with a stylish light blue coat with furry navy blue sleeve, a black dress with vertical stripes and comes complete with a white belt, navy blue hair ribbon and black stockings. Shoes are sold separately.

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    Chiyo Sakura School Uniform

    $130.00 $79.99

    Whether you are cosplaying as Chiyo Sakura from Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-ku), or you just feel like dressing up as a Japanese school girl, this 4 piece cosplay uniform set, complete with blouse, skirt and jacket, is perfect to achieve the look you’re aiming for!

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    Usagi Tsukino Super Sailor Moon Cosplay Costume

    $190.00 $121.99

    From crybaby Usagi to Sailor Moon – and now, this Super Sailor Moon costume is representative of how much our Usagi has grown! More glamorous and sophisticated than her previous, this piece is mostly white (compared to the her blue skirt in Sailor Moon) and gives the look of purity! The focus point of this outfit lies in the long billowing ribbon on the back which are slightly sheer in appearance, just like the layered sleeves that resemble wings. The heart motif is repeated throughout on the yellow choker, as well as the belt buckle and brooch on her front bow, both of which features a tiny crescent within the heart. With its pleated miniskirt and elbow-length gloves, this outfit is an iconic piece that would be a sure head-turner at cosplay events!

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    Hatsune Miku Rabbit Hoodie

    $80.00 $54.99

    Hatsune Miku is one of the most popular and best selling VOCALOID idols since 2007 and her fanbase has been increasing ever since. This hooded jacket with rabbit ears and blue ribbon is featured in the 2014 PS3 and PS Vita game; Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd. Indulge yourself with this comfortable button-up hoodie made with fine fabric.

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    Homura Akemi Cosplay Costume

    $139.00 $81.99

    If you're looking for a good quality cosplay costume of Homura Akemi, you've come to the right place. The 'time traveller' of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series boasts the most modest costume among the 5 known Puella Magi. And our tailors have carefully replicated that look with out Homura Akemi cosplay costume. Available in a huge range of sizes!

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    Seirin Jersey Jacket Track Pants Cosplay Costume (Version 2)

    $89.00 $61.99

    Cosplay as Tetsuya Kuroko, Kagami Taiga or the other members of the Seirin team with this awesome Seirin jersey jacket and track pants set! Made to be utilitarian so you can wear this not only for cosplaying, but also to an actual game of basketball. Slam it with style!

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    Ciel Phantomhive Blue Suit Cosplay Costume

    $169.00 $126.99

    Cosplay as Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji a.k.a Black Butler with this dark and light blue suit which he wore in the anime. Step into the world of this seemingly emotionless, head of the Phantomhive noble family. Be at ease with this simple yet exclusive Ciel’s Cosplay Costume.

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    Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay Costume (Final Fantasy 8)

    $129.00 $83.99

    One of the most popular female video game characters of all time! Suit up as babe Rinoa Heartilly of Final Fantasy VIII with this complete cosplay costume set. Comes with the iconic light blue sweater with the Angel Wings design at the back, light blue arm sweater, black ribbon, tank top, bicycle shorts and blue button up skirt. The details on this cosplay outfit are impressively put together with high quality materials!

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    Soi Fong Cosplay Costume (battle version)

    $120.90 $78.99

    This Bleach Soi Fong Cosplay Costume shows the costume of the female captain of the shinigami division 2. Soi Fong has a habit of stripping down her captain garb into a sensual bareback sleeveless outfit when in battle. Cosplay as the desirable Soi Fong in this great 3 piece costume! You can even pass this nose-bleed inducing outfit off as a dinner dress!

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    Super Sonico Cosplay Costume

    $129.00 $81.99

    This complete Sonico cosplay set is complete with impressive details from top to bottom; a semi-fur hooded vest with white and blue pattern, a white and light green long sleeved t-shirt with the iconic cat design, brown skirt with fur lining, purple stockings. Super Sonico’s signature green and gold guitar necklace sold separately!

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    Erza Scarlet Demon Blade Crimson Sakura Cosplay Costume

    $80.00 $58.99

    Cosplay as the Titania, Erza Scarlet. Known for her strength and massive collection of armor, the Demon Blade Crimson Sakura is among her magic attacks. It is a sword spell that pours all its user’s powers into their sword and disregards defense. This cosplay set features a white tube with a cloth (to give the impression that it’s a wrap around without compromising your modesty), and the stunning flame-designed Japanese hakama pants.

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    Trafalgar Law (Dressrosa Arc) Cosplay Costume

    $118.00 $61.99

    Known as the ‘Surgeon of Death’ due to his Op Op Devil Fruit, Law is one of the most notorious rookie pirates of the One Piece universe. Make your Law cosplay unique with this hooded coat from the Dressrosa Arc. Made with high quality fabric, this coat has all the fine details, including the orange and white stripes, as well as the ‘Corazon’ insignia at the back.

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    Levi Recon / Survey Corps Jacket Cosplay Costume

    $79.00 $48.99

    A cropped jacket bearing the 'Wings of Freedom' insignia in high-quality embroidery, this piece is often seen on the admirable soldiers of the Recon Corp (a.k.a. Survey Corps or Scouting Legion)! Worn above the body harness as part of a cosplay costume, or simply to show your love towards this intense series, this jacket would be perfect for fans of the self-sacrificial soldiers in this arm of the Military.

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    Godaime Hokage Tsunade Cosplay

    $112.00 $62.99

    The female from the legendary Sannin turned Hokage, Tsunade-sama can be cosplayed by you with this short sleeved blouse and green cloak with the kanji word for ‘Gambling’ stitched at the back. Includes the black three-quarters and sash as well. The outer green cloak can even be used as a jacket when you’re not cosplaying!