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    Vocaloid – Hatsune Miku Just a Game Cosplay Costume

    $140.00 $109.99

    Considered the most popular VOCALOID character ever, Hatsune Miku's fanbase spreads far and wide across the globe. Cosplay as the digital pop diva with this lovely set of Hatsune Miku's outfit for the VOCALOID II song, 'Just a Game'. Featuring a classy white and blue dress, a pair of black arm sleeves and stockings, a black wrap-around necklace and a flowery headdress to compliment the overall look. Flexible for conventions and for ladies' parties. We guarantee that this costume is the BEST quality you can find out there!

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    Kuroko’s Basketball – Seirin Jersey Version 2 White Number 10 (Kagami Taiga)

    $99.00 $41.99

    Kagami Taiga is the secondary protagonist alongside Kuroko Tetsuya in the popular basketball anime and manga series, Kuroko's Basketball. Represent Seirin High's prodigal forward with this set of Seirin home jersey. Includes both the white jersey top(number 10) and the black jersey shorts.

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    Kirito Cosplay Costume (SAO)

    $250.00 $176.99

    Kirito wears one of the coolest outfits in the Sword Art Online (SAO) game while he struggles to survive. Our Kirito cosplay costume promises you the best quality you'll be able to find. This 10 piece complete outfit includes everything Kirito wore in the SAO series. Shoes and swords are available separately too! Click on the pictures to view details of the costume.

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    Danmachi – Hestia Cosplay Costume

    $0.00 $58.99

    Hestia is the main female protagonist of the anime series, Danmachi. She is the head of the Hestia Family and is the one who recruited Bell Cranel. Cosplay as the petite Goddess with this set of highly detailed Hestia costume. Consists of her almost-not-there white mini dress along with matching pair of white gloves, a blue collar ribbon and yes, The Legendary B**b String, as well as her hair accessories!

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    Black Rock Shooter – Mato Kuroi Black Rock Shooter Cosplay Costume (Version 2)

    $170.00 $121.99

    Mato Kuroi is the civilian identity of the heroine and titular character, Black Rock Shooter. Cosplay as the sword and gun wielding Black Rock Shooter with this highly detailed set of her battle outfit. Consisting of a black string top bikini, black short-sleeved jacket, a pair of black shorts with belts, arm sleeves and gloves, a neck choker with padlock and a pair of black stockings with shin cuffs.

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    Scouting Legion / Recon Corp Cape (Green)

    $85.00 $38.99

    The reason why the Recon Corp in Attack On Titan is exceptionally cooler than the other military divisions is because of that green billowing cape, I tell you. Inspired from the series, this green cape comes complete with a a hoodie and boasts the Wings Of Freedom sigil.

    This is a superbly tailored Recon Corp Cape. For the quality, the price is unbelievably low.

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    Otonashi Yuzuru SSS Cosplay Costume

    $135.00 $79.99

    Cosplay as Yuzuru Otonashi Cosplay Costume from Angel Beats! This costume comes In a simple 3 piece suit, it is easy and fun to wear, it's comfortable and it's durable. You really can't ask for more. Gather up you friends to form your Angel Beats Cosplay team!

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    Vocaloid – Miku Hatsune Christmas Version Cosplay Costume

    $118.00 $66.99

    Hatsune Miku is a virtual pop diva and the main mascot of the VOCALOID video game series. New on our cyber shelf is Miku's attire for the Christmas season: a modified Santarina outfit. Featuring a long sleeved dress with fluffy lining in vibrant red, a pair of matching stockings with fluffy white balls, black belt with gold buckle and a small golden bell attached to a red necklace. Awesome to wear not only at anime conventions but also for all Christmas parties!

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    Sailor Chibi Moon Cosplay Costume

    $170.00 $82.99

    Go for pink. Go for Sailor Chibi Moon. Cosplay as the little Sailor Princess from Sailor Moon in this pink and white Sailor Warriors cosplay costume. Costume is made of a lycra-like material which wraps around and hugs your body comfortably. Gather your sisters and form your Sailor warriors cosplay team!

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    Naruto – Asuma Sarutobi Cosplay Costume

    $140.00 $82.99

    Asuma Sarutobi is one of the secondary characters of the popular anime series, Naruto. He is a high ninja and is the son of the Third Hokage, Hiruzen. Throughout the series, he has been one of the chill and laid-back characters and also one of the strongest. Cosplay as the senior ninja with his Konoha ninja uniform attire consisting of a black long sleeved shirt and matching pants, bandage for the right arm, a pair of black wrist bands, blue sash and of course, the jounin jacket – all made of high quality materials.

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    Kyoko Sakura Cosplay Costume

    $155.00 $86.99

    A contrasting outfit with the hints of a fighter, yet accented with feminine features, this is representative of the feisty Kyoko who has a different side of her. The sleeveless piece has a front cut out on the chest with the printed logo below it, and a mandarin collar which gives it the touch of a fighter. The front of the skirt opens up to reveal the corset belt an inner layer of the miniskirt framed by the girlish frills from the outer skirt, a slightly regal look that gives Westernised flavor that matches surprisingly well with the mandarin collar!

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    Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children – Tifa Lockhart Cosplay Costume

    $150.00 $89.99

    Tifa Lockhart is one of the main female protagonists of the Final Fantasy 7 series. She is a playable character in the PS1 game and is one of the most popular characters to be portrayed at cosplay conventions. Grab this chance to cosplay as the iconic Tifa with her set of clothing from the Advent Children movie featuring a sleeveless black leather zippered jacket and white inner blouse, a pair of leather gloves, and black leather skirt.

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    Katsura Kotarou Cosplay Costume

    $128.00 $78.99

    This Gintama Katsura Cosplay Costume lets you cosplay as the 'The Nobleman of Fury', Sakata Gintoki's former Samurai ally and good friend in the Amanto War. Fondly nicknamed “Zura” by about everybody else in the show, the eccentric Katsura Kotarou, Elizabeth's companion is a fun character to cosplay as!

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    Accel World – Haruyuki Arita School Uniform

    $145.00 $87.99

    Haruyuki Arita is the main protagonist of the anime series, Accel World and unlike many other protagonists from different anime, he is a plump young man and he is always bullied in school. Upon meeting the leader of the Black Legion, Kuroyukihime, he acquired the Silver Crow avatar which is the only avatar able to fly and together, they plan to meet the creator of the Brain Burst game after they defeat the Six Kings of Pure Colour. Cosplay as Haruyuki with this full set of Umesato Junior high uniform consisting of a blue jacket and pants suit set, a white dress shirt and a green tie.

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    Chiyo Sakura School Uniform

    $130.00 $79.99

    Whether you are cosplaying as Chiyo Sakura from Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-ku), or you just feel like dressing up as a Japanese school girl, this 4 piece cosplay uniform set, complete with blouse, skirt and jacket, is perfect to achieve the look you're aiming for!

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    King of Fighters – Iori Yagami Cosplay Costume

    $145.00 $87.99

    Iori Yagami is one of the main playable characters from the SNK video game series, King of Fighters. He debuted in KoF '95 and is the rival of Kyo Kusanagi. Cosplay as the Yagami Clan's heir with this highly detailed set of Iori Yagami's attire from most of the KoF games. Consisting of a white long sleeved undershirt, a black button jacket and his unique pair of red pants with string.

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    To Heart 2 Cosplay Costume (Winter School Uniform)

    $98.00 $55.99

    Cosplay as Kamigishi Akari or any of the other To Heart 2 girls with this perfectly comfortable and beautiful pink school uniform. This school uniform costume is tailored from the best quality cloth, instead of cheap looking cloth for that authentic Japanese school girl look!

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    Dead Or Alive – Kasumi Cosplay Costume (Black-Gold)

    $140.00 $85.99

    Kasumi is considered the face of the Dead or Alive video games and is the most recognizable character in the series, appearing in every iteration of the game. Cosplay as the beautiful heir to the Mugen Tenshin Clan in one of her unlockable costumes – the black shinobi dress. This unique outfit consists of her black robe-like ninja dress with golden pattern on the skirt, matching pair of arm sleeves with arm guards and stockings with shin guards. Accessories include a red belt, neck choker, and a yellow hair band.

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    Kyon North High School Cosplay Uniform

    $130.20 $78.99

    Cosplay as the laid back Kyon or mysterious transfer student Esper Koizumi Itsuki from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya with this high quality North High School uniform. The dark green blazer is made of superb quality and can even be worn to functions as well when you're not cosplaying!

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    Naruto – Shikamaru Jounin Cosplay Costume

    $135.00 $79.99

    Shikamaru Nara is one of the popular characters of the anime series, Naruto. He is from the Nara Clan and is considered one of the most intelligent characters in the Naruto universe. He often seem lazy, bored and uninterested but his skills as a Clansman is on par with the best of them. Cosplay as the lazy Shikamaru with his part II uniform consisting of a black top and pants with mesh at the ends and his green flak jacket wit the Nara Clan's logo behind.

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    Suigintou Cosplay Costume

    $135.00 $95.99

    Suigintou, the 1st doll which doll-maker Rozen created, was discarded as a failed prototype, causing her to be a tortured soul. Cosplay as the evil Rozen Maiden doll, Suigintou, in this beautiful top-quality soft velvet blue costume. The workmanship and details are exquisite and will transform you into an enchanted doll!

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    Kuroko’s Basketball – Riko Aida School Uniform (Summer Version)

    $99.00 $58.99

    Riko Aida is one of the female characters of the anime and manga series, Kuroko's Basketball. She is the head coach of Seirin High's basketball team and she is well-known for her brutal training methods and her ability to 'scan' people just by looking at their muscles. Cosplay as the tomboyish and violent coach with this set of Seirin High's summer uniform, consisting of a white blouse and white skirt and a green tie.

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    Blue Exorcist – Rin Okumura School Uniform

    $120.00 $88.99

    Rin Okumura is the main protagonist of the anime series, Blue Exorcist. He is the half-human, half-demon biological son of Satan – ruler of the world of demons. His quest in the anime is to become strong enough to defeat his wicked father. Cosplay as the strong and stubborn Rin with this set of highly detailed cosplay costume that consists of True Cross Academy's male uniform. Comes with the white shirt, patterned necktie, matching set of black jacket and pants and the collar pins.

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    Naruto – Neji Hyuuga Cosplay Costume Shippuden Version

    $119.00 $67.19

    Neji Hyuuga is one of the popular secondary characters of the anime and manga series, Naruto. He is from the Hyuuga clan and is undisputedly their most powerful member. Despite his natural talent, he is bound to only serve the clan as he is born from a branch house. Cosplay as the talented shinobi, Neji with his part ii attire consisting of white shirt and pants set and grey waist apron.

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    Bleach – Mayuri Kurotsuchi Cosplay Costume (Death God Squad 12 Captain)

    $130.00 $115.99

    Mayuri Kurotsuchi is known as the mad scientist from the anime series, Bleach. He is the Captain of the 12th Division of the Gotei 13 – the Shinigami overlords of Seireitei. Mayuri is known for his brutal and sadistic experiments – all in the name of science(or so he claims). Cosplay as the evil genius, Captain Mayuri, with this complete set of Shinigami Captain attire with the black yukata, white belt, shinigami robe (with the 12th Division insignia), and of course the purple scarf.

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    Rock Lee Cosplay Costume

    $119.00 $64.99

    The ‘unique’ ninja Rock Lee wears a stretchy green ninja jumper bestowed upon him by his beloved sensei Maito Gai. Add a jounin vest on this super comfortable costume to cosplay as Jounin Rock Lee or even Special Jounin Maito Gai. Comes with the red Konoha headband long enough to be tied around the waist!

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    Dead Or Alive – Kasumi Cosplay Costume (Blue)

    $130.00 $76.99

    Kasumi is considered the main female protagonist and is one of the playable character of the popular video game series, Dead Or Alive. She is from the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan and is the next in line as the head of the clan after her brother, Hayate, was incapacitated. Cosplay as the revenge-seeking Kasumi with this set of shinobi clothing that she wears in-game. Consists of her famous blue shinobi robe with wrap, a pair of blue arm guards, and a pair of white stockings with blue shin guards.

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    Kuroko’s Basketball – Seirin Jersey Version 2 Black 11 Kuroko Tetsuya

    $99.00 $41.99

    Kuroko Tetsuya is the main character in the sports anime and manga series, Kuroko's Basketball. He is the point guard of Seirin High and the former sixth man of Teikou Junior High's Generation of Miracles. He is known for his excellent misdirection skills and his willingness to help the team to win no matter what it takes. Cosplay as Kuroko with our set of Seirin High's jersey in black colour. The jersey set is perfect for pick up games as well.

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    Kuroko’s Basketball – Seirin Jersey Version 2 White 11 (Kuroko Tetsuya)

    $99.00 $41.99

    Kuroko Tetsuya is the main character of the anime and manga series, Kuroko's Basketball. He is the starting point guard of Seirin High school and is well-known as the sixth man of Teikou Junior High, dubbed the 'Generation of Miracles'. Add to your cosplay or jersey collection this set of white and black Seirin High school basketball uniform with Kuroko's number on it. Perfect for anime conventions as well as pick up games.

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    Accel World – Kuroyukihime School Uniform

    $100.00 $76.99

    Kuroyukihime is the main female protagonist of the anime series, Accel World. As the present leader of Black Legion, Nega Nebulus, she is called the 'Black Lotus' and is admired for her fearsome abilities. Cosplay as Kuroyukihime with this complete set of her school uniform consisting of a brown blouse with blue collar ribbon, a purple jacket, green skirt and black leggings.

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    Natsu Dragneel Cosplay Costume

    $95.00 $76.99

    Natsu Dragneel, aka Salamander, eat and almost breathe fire. Cosplay as the Dragon Slayer Natsu with this superbly comfortable cosplay costume! Complete with Natsu's signature white scaled shawl bestowed to him by Igneel, the rowdy destructive Fire Dragon Slayer is definitely a fun character to cosplay as!

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    Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna Songstress Cosplay Costume

    $115.00 $81.99

    Yuna is the main female character of the Playstation 2 games, Final Fantasy X and its sequel, Final Fantasy X-2. She, along with her guardians, is the summmoner from Besaid who was finally able to defeat Sin for good and free the people of Spira from death and destruction. Cosplay as Yuna in her Songstress dress sphere with our complete costume set. Consists of the blue top with frilly ends, black skirt, and a pair of matching arm sleeves.