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    Lolita Yellow Kimono Dress

    $140.00 $89.99

    Turn heads around with this modern take of the traditional Japanese kimono. Featuring a yellow knee-length dress adorned in beautiful pink floral pattern throughout with frilly lace ends. A stylish yellow obi wrap belt to secure the outfit, and a matching headband to compliment the overall look. Create your own characters with this unique dress, or wear it as a Lolita cultural fusion dress!

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    Aria Orange Company Alice Carroll (Winter version)

    $130.00 $65.99

    From the anime series, Aria; Alice is the MVP undine from the Orange Planet company. Although she seems like a snob at first, her rowing abilities are top notch and so is this cosplay set. Consists of the yellow themed Orange Planet uniform, left hand glove, and sailor beret.

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    Riki Naoe Cosplay Costume

    $119.00 $77.99

    Look great with this black and red male school uniform from the Little Busters! series. Cosplay as Riki Naoe, the straight-forward protagonist in the series, the only one with a rational and logical mind in the series. Dress up in this black blazer set, comfortable enough even for everyday wear!

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    Natsu Dragneel Cosplay Costume

    $95.00 $76.99

    Natsu Dragneel, aka Salamander, eat and almost breathe fire. Cosplay as the Dragon Slayer Natsu with this superbly comfortable cosplay costume! Complete with Natsu's signature white scaled shawl bestowed to him by Igneel, the rowdy destructive Fire Dragon Slayer is definitely a fun character to cosplay as!

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    Megurine Luka Magnet Costume

    $125.90 $79.99

    Step into the shoes of Megurine Luka with this Magnet version of Megurine Luka's cosplay costume! This easy to wear one piece low back dress is made with high quality material ensuring durability and most importantly comfort for the wearer. Cosplay as the husky voiced singing sensation. Get your best girl friend to be Hatsune Miku's Magnet rendition and you will be the most sought after cosplayers in town!

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    Japan Cosplay Costume

    $122.00 $68.99

    Cosplay as the shy and quiet Honda Kiku, a member of the Axis power and the main character representing Japan in the Hetalia series. This pure white cosplay costume will make you look sharp and smartly dressed in the white naval uniform with black and gold buttons, epaulet, cuff lining and the replica details from the Hetalia series itself.

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    Sailor Jupiter Super S Cosplay Costume

    $140.00 $99.99

    Cosplay as the Agent of Love and Courage, Sailor Jupiter, with this complete costume set consisting of the iconic Sailor Senshi uniform in green and pink motif. Comes with the green choker, pink ribbon, green chest pin, white gloves, green skirt and the golden tiara of course.

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    Asuna Cosplay Costume (SAO)

    $250.00 $169.99

    This Asuna cosplay costume from Sword Art Online is an accurate replica of the outfit worn by her in the SAO game. Includes everything she wore in the show including the stockings. Material of the sleeves and stockings are made from an elastic material to ensure it stays in place on your arms and legs. Click on pictures to view details of the costume. Asuna's sword available separately too.

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    Naruto ANBU Cosplay Costume

    $112.00 $69.99

    Cosplay as a member of the ANBU, like Hatake Kakashi and Uchiha Itachi once was. Let your imagination fly as you can create your own Naruto ANBU member with this extremely comfortable premium high quality costume. The inner black tights are ultra sweat absorbant, and the white vest is made of high quality PVC material. ANBU masks are available too!

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    Aria Himeya Uniform Cosplay Costume (Winter)

    $150.00 $92.99

    Cosplay as one of the famous undine of the 2nd best Himeya Company. This Himeya undine costume set comes complete with the white dress with Himeya marking, shoulder coat, a right hand glove, a pair of black stockings, and the Himeya beret to top it off.

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    Atsushi Murasakibara Teikou Middle School Jersey No. 5 (White)

    $98.90 $39.99

    Atsushi Murasakibara got his legendary status while playing as one of the basketball players in the “Generation of Miracles” from Teikou Middle School in “Kuroko's Basketball”. Cosplay as Atsushi Murasakibara in this Teikou basketball jersey with the number 6! The dry-fit material of this basketball jersey makes this a 'real' jersey where you can bring it on in the basketball court!

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    Sailor Neptune Super S Cosplay Costume

    $160.00 $102.99

    From the classic anime, Sailor Moon, cosplay as the 'Soldier of Affinity'; Sailor Neptune. Our costume set comes with the famous green Senshi uniform complete with the green choker and collar ribbon, a pair of white gloves and the golden tiara to top it all off.

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    Chiyo Sakura School Uniform

    $130.00 $79.99

    Whether you are cosplaying as Chiyo Sakura from Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-ku), or you just feel like dressing up as a Japanese school girl, this 4 piece cosplay uniform set, complete with blouse, skirt and jacket, is perfect to achieve the look you're aiming for!

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    Higurashi When They Cry Rika Cosplay Costume

    $89.00 $55.99

    Rika is the cute blue-haired, ten-year old girl from the Higurashi series. Although she dies almost everytime, she reappears all the same (to die again). Cosplay as the tragically adorable Rika with this costume set that consists of a white, short sleeved blouse, a pink collar ribbon and a navy blue skirt with suspenders.

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    Kingdom Hearts – Sora Cosplay Costume

    $230.00 $148.99

    This Kingdom Hearts Sora Cosplay Costume features the outfit for you to do a Sora Cosplay of the child-like upbeat main protagonist from the series. In baggy styled attire with combination of colors and hints of strikingly luminous yellow. This is a one of the best quality Sora Costume Costume that you will be able to find!

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    Kinomoto Sakura Cosplay Costume version 2 (Pink)

    $182.00 $98.99

    Get yourself this rendition of Sakura Kinomoto Cosplay Costume from Card Captor Sakura! In a beautiful shade of baby pink, this Sakura cosplay costume is a beautiful layered dress which you can wear on normal days out to the mall too!

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    Ishida Uryu School Uniform (Summer)

    $98.00 $59.99

    Cosplay as the uptight and serious Uryu Ishida from the Bleach universe, with this amazingly detailed school uniform. Comes complete with a white short sleeved shirt, black and green necktie, grey slacks, and a black belt with chrome buckle.

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    Kyoko Sakura Cosplay Costume

    $155.00 $86.99

    A contrasting outfit with the hints of a fighter, yet accented with feminine features, this is representative of the feisty Kyoko who has a different side of her. The sleeveless piece has a front cut out on the chest with the printed logo below it, and a mandarin collar which gives it the touch of a fighter. The front of the skirt opens up to reveal the corset belt an inner layer of the miniskirt framed by the girlish frills from the outer skirt, a slightly regal look that gives Westernised flavor that matches surprisingly well with the mandarin collar!

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    Sailor Uranus Super S Cosplay Costume

    $160.00 $102.99

    From the incredibly popular Sailor Moon series, Sailor Uranus is known as the Soldier of Flight. Up your cosplay game with this full set of Sailor Uranus costume that consists of the Sailor Senshi blouse, yellow button ribbon, green skirt with matching green back ribbon, a pair of gloves and stockings, and the golden tiara to top it all off.

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    Itachi’s Akatsuki Cloak

    $78.00$88.00 $38.99$59.99

    Akatsuki Cosplay Cloak Behold the mysterious Akatsuki cloak. With this Akatsuki costume, not only can you cosplay as the super cool Uchiha Itachi, you can also masquerade as all other members of the enigmatic Akatsuki “club”, such as Deidara, Kisame, and Sasori. This black cloak with the ominous red clouds floating on it will be envy of all Naruto fans! The red clouds are stiched on the high quality black cloth with the stiffened collars.

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    Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay Costume (Final Fantasy 8)

    $129.00 $83.99

    One of the most popular female video game characters of all time! Suit up as babe Rinoa Heartilly of Final Fantasy VIII with this complete cosplay costume set. Comes with the iconic light blue sweater with the Angel Wings design at the back, light blue arm sweater, black ribbon, tank top, bicycle shorts and blue button up skirt. The details on this cosplay outfit are impressively put together with high quality materials!

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    Clannad Cosplay Winter School Uniform

    $98.00 $68.99

    Experience the complex high school life of Clannad's heroines with this 3-piece winter school uniform. Be any of the five pretty ladies of Clannad such as the soft-spoken Nagisa Furukawa, the aggressive Kyou Fujibayashi or the studious Kotomi Ichinose. This superbly made costume comes with 3 high school iron-on emblems in different colours. Each piece can be paired off with other clothes for a fashionable outfit, too.

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    Shion Cosplay Costume

    $115.00 $70.99

    Sonozaki Shion is the twisted villain from the popular Higurashi When They Cry series. Cosplay as the manipulative green haired girl with this highly detailed costume set; consisting of a white blouse with red tie, navy blue skirt, and a grey blazer jacket to top it all off.

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    Shintaro Midorima Teikou Middle School Jersey No. 7 (White)

    $98.90 $39.99

    Shintaro Midorima rose to fame as one of the basketball players in the “Generation of Miracles” from Teikou Middle School in Kuroko's Basketball. Cosplay as Midorima in this Teikou basketball jersey with the number 7! The dry-fit material of this basketball jersey makes this a 'real' jersey where you can challenge your basketball pals to a game or 2 with style.

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    Son Goku Cosplay Costume

    $92.80 $65.99

    Dress up with this costume from Dragon Ball and cosplay as Son Goku, the main protagonist from the Dragon Ball series. Made of comfortable and high grade material, his trademark orange outfit not only marks you out as the legendary Goku, but you will definitely be the envy of your friends in this delightful cosplay costume! Dragon Ball Goku Cosplay Wig also available.

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    England Cosplay Costume

    $139.00 $79.99

    Cosplay as England, or Arthur Kirkland, representing both United Kingdom and England from the Hetalia : Axis Powers and World Series. A former pirate who believes in the supernatural, magic, spirits and fairies, look sleek and sharp with this colonial traditional military style cosplay costume from from Hetalia!

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    Ryota Miyagi Shohoku Basketball Jersey (White 7)

    $78.00 $44.99

    From the most popular basketball anime of all time, Slam Dunk! Cosplay as Shohoku High's flashy and speedy point guard, Ryota Miyagi, with his number 7 white(home) uniform. Comes with both jersey top and jersey shorts made with quality fabric.

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    Sailor Pluto Super S Cosplay Costume

    $170.00 $107.99

    Sailor Pluto is one of the older Sailor Senshi and for a good reason; she guards the Gates of Time and she will not hesitate to eliminate anyone who seeks to disrupt the flow of time. Cosplay as the Guardian of Time with this highly detailed costume set that consists of Sailor Senshi's uniform, gloves, stockings and golden tiara.

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    Inu X Boku SS – Soushi Miketsukami Butler Cosplay Costume

    $155.00 $91.99

    Dress up in elegant style with this Soushi Miketsukami formal outfit! From the Inu x Boku SS series, the nine-tailed fox is a suave dresser; features a black blazer with matching pants, a grey shirt and maroon tie. No silver wig included.

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    Monkey D. Luffy Costume

    $79.00 $58.99

    Cosplay as Monkey D. Luffy in this comfortable 2 piece costume which the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates wears in the One Piece anime and managa series. The quality of this costume is unmatched! The simple design also makes this costume a choice daily wear out when you're not cosplaying as the carefree pirate!

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    Seirin Jersey Jacket Track Pants Cosplay Costume (Version 2)

    $89.00 $61.99

    Cosplay as Tetsuya Kuroko, Kagami Taiga or the other members of the Seirin team with this awesome Seirin jersey jacket and track pants set! Made to be utilitarian so you can wear this not only for cosplaying, but also to an actual game of basketball. Slam it with style!

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    Temari Cosplay Costume (Chuunin Exam version)

    $98.00 $58.99

    Cosplay as the young Temari, the feisty jonin of Sand Village and older sister of Kazekage Gaara, with this fabulous purple ninja uniform creatively complemented with netting. Now you have the right to be full of air when your parade as the wind type jutsu user in a perfectly comfortable costume made of finest materials! You can also wear this pretty dress in casual weekend outings.