SAO Kirito

SAO Kirito, Asuna and Lizbeth Card Stickers

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Here’s a cool way to dress up the cards you bring around, whether they are your transport cards or various ID cards, you can stick this standard credit card-sized Sword Art Online stickers on one side and customize those boring cards! Each set comes in 2 pieces, featuring Kirito, Asuna and Lizbeth as their SAO game characters.

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Product Description

Measurement Length: 3.3" Width: 2.6"

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Lizbeth Biography (SAO)

- Lizbeth Bio by Tsunade

Name: Lizbeth / Shinozaki Rika Gender: Female Age: 18 Occupation: Blacksmith (SAO) Personality/Background: Lisbeth is a mischievous and friendly girl who loves to tease her friends, especially Asuna of her love life. She is very hardworking and takes pride in her occupation as a Blacksmith in SAO. When Kirito questioned her ability to make a powerful sword, Lisbeth got very offended and aggressive towards him. Lisbeth is shown to have a bad temper and gets violent when angered. She has developed feelings for Kirito during their journey but when she learns of Asuna's close relationship with him, she gave up on him. This just shows her loyalty towards her friends.