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    ALO Kirito Broadsword Replica Keychain (SAO)

    $16.35 $8.99

    Kirito returns to the virtual gaming world in Alfheim Online (ALO) and uses a broadsword in the game. This miniature replica is coated with a dark chrome finishing and attached to a keychain. Carry it around with our keys or place it with the rest of your SAO memorabilia!

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    Sword Art Online – Leafa Iphone 6 Plus Cover (ALO)

    $19.00 $15.99

    From the Sword Art Online, Kirigaya Suguha aka Leafa, is the cousin and adopted sister of Kirito, the series' main protagonist. She is a Sylph warrior from ALfheim Online and is one of the popular characters in the series. Protect your precious Iphone 6 Plus with this beautiful cover featuring Leafa in her ALfheim Online avatar.

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    Kirito Elucidator Replica Keychain (SAO)

    $15.35 $8.99

    The Elucidator is one of Kirito's swords in Sword Art Online where he used in the deadly SAO game. This miniature replica is coated with a dark chrome finishing and attached to a keychain. Carry it around with our keys or place it with the rest of your SAO memorabilia!

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    SAO – Asuna Knights of the Blood Chest Plate

    $25.00 $17.99

    From the Sword Art Online series, Asuna is the main female character and the girlfriend of main protagonist, Kirito. Swear your allegiance to the Knights Of The Blood Guild with this beautiful brooch that Asuna wore on her chest! (Also suitable if you are looking to make your own Asuna cosplay.)

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    Sword Art Online Kirito Asuna Leafa Swords Set

    $53.50 $29.99

    This intricate set of sword replicas are sure to please any avid fan! Each sword is made of base metal with enamel coating to exact detail, right down to the tiny painted insignias and embossed patterns in the handle. Be prepared to get awed with the cosy fit of the sheaths that enable the swords to slide in and out smoothly without a hitch. Leafa's sword is also slightly bent like an actual samurai sword. The notches in the sheath allow the swords to slide right in and sit comfortably without any gaps. With their slight weight, these miniatures give a touch of authenticity that is a worthy investment to any collector.

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    Gun Gale Online – Sinon’s Procyon SL Keychain

    $16.00 $9.99

    From the popular anime series, Sword Art Online, the Procyon SL is a sleek looking gun mainly designed as a sidearm. It's a popular monster hunting weapon because of its' slick design and add the fact that it's a fully automatic optical gun capable of killing tons of monsters. Add this beautiful miniature Procyon SL replica keychain to your SAO collection today!

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    Asuna Sword Replica Keychain (SAO)

    $18.55 $12.99

    Own this spectacular replica of Asuna's sword from Sword Art Online series. This replica is a whopping 8.8″ long and comes witha detach-able keychain for you to carry it around easily. Made of metal with enamel finishing.

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    Alfeim Online (ALO) Excalibur Miniature Collectible

    $25.00 $18.99

    From ALfheim Online, the Holy Sword Excalibur is a legendary weapon known to be the strongest sword in the game. Our featured miniature replica has incredible details made with top notch quality materials. Add this mini sword replica to top off your Sword Art Online collection.

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    SAO – Kirito Dark Repulser Replica (Premium Cosplay Prop)

    $360.00 $289.99


    Please allow approximately 2 working weeks for our specialists to craft this item upon ordering.

    From the massively popular anime, Sword Art Online, the Dark Repulser is the sword made by the blacksmith, Lisbeth, for the main protagonist, Kirito. Using his Dual Blade skill, Kirito wields his Elucidator along with this Dark Repulser to defeat his opponents. Complete your Kirito cosplay with this made-to-order high quality replica handcrafted using resin material!

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    Asuna’s Crystal Necklace – Yui no Kokoro (SAO)

    $23.90 $14.99

    This stunning sky blue briolette crystal is the Heart of Yui (Yui no Kokoro) from the Sword Art Online (SAO) game. We love the tender tear-shaped design which makes this a lovely gift even for non SAO fans. Comes attached to a black necklace, wear it just like how Asuna did in SAO!

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    Asuna Ring Necklace (SAO)

    $18.80 $13.99

    Get this exquisite ring worn by Asuna from Sword Art Online (aka SAO)! Coated in a chrome finishing and attached to a silver beaded chain, this is an awesome memorabilia for SAO fans!

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    ALO Kirito’s Broadsword with Leather Strap Keychain

    $25.00 $15.99

    From ALfheim Online, this Black Iron Great Sword is Kirito's weapon of choice during the Fairy Dance Arc. Add this detailed miniature replica keychain to your Sword Art Online collection!

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