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Death the kid Skull Ring

Death the kid Skull Ring

From the Soul Eater series comes the Skull Ring as worn by Death the Kid. Kid, who has compulsive disorder in the series, wears this ring on the middle fingers of BOTH his hands. Why? To keep it balanced of course! An adjustable ring width with the approximate ring width size 8, this ring is made with a quality chrome finishing,and depicts a structure of a skull with black eyes, black nose and 3 protruding fangs.

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Death the kid Skull Ring


Death the Kid Biography (Soul Eater)

- Death the Kid Bio by Tsunade

Name: Death the Kid
Gender: Male
Classified as: Meister (Craftsman) & Shinigami (Death God)
Weapon: Elizabeth & Patricia Thompson (Twin Guns)

Kid suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and can’t stand it if something is not symmetrical. Everything about him and everything around him must be “balanced”. He is so obsessed with being symmetrical, that he refuses to fight unless he has both Elizabeth and Patricia on his side to attack.

Aside from his obsession, he is pretty a normal boy. He socializes well with others and shows respect for others’ decisions. However, this might screw things up when he sees something “unbalanced”. Such a person could have annoyed the hell out of me. Thank god I don’t know anyone with this illness.

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