Pokemon - Bouncing Pokeball

Pokemon – Bouncing Pokeball

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Add to your Pokemon collection this squishy and bouncy Poke Ball featured in the Pokemon video game and animated series. Made of durable rubber, this works as a throw-around ball as well as a stress ball.

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Product Description

- 1x Bouncing Pokeball

- 1.8" diameter

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Name: Poke Ball
Type: Poke Ball
Buy Price: 200
Sell Price: 100
First Appearance: Generation 1 Games
Catch Rate: 1x

In the Pokemon video games and animated series, the Poke Ball is the essential item for all aspiring trainers. It is immediately noticeable with its red top and white bottom with a black horizontal line in the middle. The Poke Ball is found almost everywhere including shops where it is available for only 200 PokeDollars. In terms of performance, it has a catch rate of only 1x, making it suitable for catching low-level Pokemon.