Naruto Ninja Sandals White (Killer Bee)

Naruto Ninja Sandals White (Killer Bee)

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The Shinobi in the Naruto World primarily chooses this unique ninja sandal footwear as their default footwear. While we have seen some of them wear blue and black as the most popular colors, some ninjas prefer the white one, such as Killer Bee. So if you prefer white as well, here are the perfect ninja sandals for you!

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Killer Bee Biography (Naruto Shippuden)

- Killer Bee Bio by Tsunade

Name: Kiraa Bii (Killer Bee) Gender: Male Age: 35 Birthday: Unknown Hidden Village: Cloud Rank: Unknown Personality: Killer Bee is a rapper-wannabe. He loves to rap and think up of new lyrics for his raps while he fights. Funny guy he is and a personality very similar to Naruto’s. He is proud of his rapping skills and is too prideful of his strength. Arrogant and persistent, he insisted on others calling him “Lord Jinchuriki” and thinks that he deserves respect. He hates people who make fun of his rapping and people are very annoyed with his rapping. Two-way annoyance, I would call it. At first glance, Killer Bee might not look as menacing and a threat to his opponents, but one should not judge a book by its cover. When he narrowly escaped Sasuke’s attempt to bring him back to Akatsuki, he considered being a folk singer and escape all these dangers altogether.

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