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Naruto Shippuden: Akatsuki Kakuzu Red Ring (manga version)

Akatsuki Kakuzu Red Ring (manga version)

This Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki ring belongs to the enigmatic 'treasurer' of the Akatsuki: Kakuzu. Not only is this red ring perfect for cosplayers of Kakuzu, it's also a great collection for all Naruto and Akatsuki fans. This ring is seen in Kakuzu's left middle finger with kanji symbol for "North" embedded in a drop of blood red. Made of metal alloy brass and coated silver. Collect with other Akatsuki rings now!

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Naruto Shippuden: Akatsuki Kakuzu Red Ring (manga version)


Kakuzu Biography (Naruto Shippuden)

- Kakuzu Bio by Tsunade

Name: Kakuzu
Gender: Male
Age: 91 (Deceased)
Birthday: 15th August
Hidden Village: Waterfall
Rank: Unknown
Partner: Hidan

Kakuzu was a greedy person and would do all sorts of missions if a huge sum of money is involved. What he could do scares me. He was able to steal people’s hearts by tugging them out of his opponents, and then make them his own. This means that he carried more than one heart (including his own) on him wherever he goes.

As gruesome as that already sounds, that’s not all. He could control these hearts and make them grow body parts and fight along with him. Better not be near him when he rages. He kills whoever is in the way in a split second when enraged. Petrified? You should be. Hidan, his partner, is the only one who can survive his attacks due to his immunity to death. You could say he is an immortal.

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