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These awesome Naruto cosplay accessories are listed by us (self-proclaimed Narutards). If you are looking for Naruto Cosplay costumes, check out this section.

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Haku MaskHaku Mask - Mist Village Hunter Nin

Complete your Haku Cosplay experience with the distinctive White and red Haku Mask. With the Mask to hide his identity especially his features, Haku was quite an exceptional, talented and dangerous Ninja for his age who despite all that, is against the ideology of killing as a way to end battles. Made from durable yet flexible plastic, one-size mask would be great for gifts and display for Haku and Naruto fans.

Usual Price: $20.50 Now: $11.99
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Listed: 13 September 2010 | Comments (0)

Gamabunta Weapon KeychainGamabunta Weapon Keychain

From the Naruto series comes this mini weapon replica of Gamabunta. Known as the chief of the toads, Gamabunta is summoned upon by Naruto when it comes to dealing with and battling with stronger enemies. Measuring at 10.5cm by 1cm. this miniature keychain comes with a polished chrome finishing and red ink for it's base details and lining and is attached to a silver keychain.

Usual Price: $15.20 Now: $6.99
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Listed: 2 September 2010 | Comments (0)

Konan White Akatsuki RingKonan Akatsuki Ring (anime white)

Grab this Akatsuki ring with the kanji for 'White'. Worn in the middle finger of the right hand by Konan, the lone female member of the Akatsuki, this ring has a fully adjustable back. It is made with a durable smooth finishing and a glossed lacquer over the white emblem. A great addition for cosplayers of Akatsuki Konan!

Usual Price: $15.99 Now: $9.99
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Listed: 28 July 2010 | Comments (0)

Akatsuki Hidan NecklaceAkatsuki Hidan Necklace

Immortal Akatsuki member Hidan is seen wearing this 26” long beaded necklace with an ominously beautiful pendant bearing their cult emblem. Have this necklace to complete your Hidan cosplay or just to show-off your Akatsuki collections!

Usual Price: $12.90 Now: $9.99

Listed: 23 April 2010 | Comments (0)

Konan Akatsuki Ring Konan Akatsuki Ring

Konan, the "God's Angel" featured her esteemed Akatsuki member ring in this beautiful replica with the kanji for "White" inscribed. The only female member of the renown criminal group, Konan wears her ring in her right middle finger. Collect with other Akatsuki rings! Buy one now!

Usual Price: $12.50 Now: $8.99

Listed: 29 November 2009 | Comments (0)

Kunai Weapon Keychain Naruto Kunai Weapon Keychain

Always be on your guard and have this kunai weapon keychain within your reach. It has an estimated size of 3.5" that is perfect to dicreetly blend in with your keys. Comes in dark gray glossy finish. A great treat for all Naruto fan!

Usual Price: $15.25 Now: $5.99

Listed: 21 October 2009 | Comments (0)

Sarutobi Asuma Blade KeychainSarutobi Asuma Blade Keychain

Sarutobi Asuma’s unique trench knife is now featured in this amazing weapon keychain. Comes in an approximate size of 3.5” long with clean glossy silver finish. Get one now in remembrance of the great Asuma!

Usual Price: $15.25 Now: $6.99

Listed: 29 July 2009 | Comments (0)

Tobi Mask KeychainAkatsuki Tobi Mask Keychain

Akatsuki member, Tobi hides his identity behind this swirling mask. Now this mysterious mask is featured in this 1" bronze pendant with keychain. It is beautifully crafted with a purple gem at the left side. Let it dangle with your keys for a fabulous and elegant effect. Get one now!

Usual Price: $12.90 Now: $9.99

Listed: 12 June 2009 | Comments (0)

Tobi Mask NecklaceAkatsuki Tobi Mask Necklace

Uchiha Madara, the founder of Akatsuki used a swirling mask to disguise himself as the Akatsuki newcomer, Tobi. Now wear the same mask around your neck with this Tobi’s mask necklace. It has a beautiful exquisitely crafted swirling bronze pendant with a red gem on the left side. A definite must-have for all Naruto fans!

Usual Price: $12.90 Now: $9.99

Listed: 23 May 2009 | Comments (0)

Ramen Bowl Phonestrap (Black)Naruto Ramen Bowl Phonestrap (Black)

Proclaim your love for ramen with this cool miniature Uzumaki Naruto ramen bowl phonestrap! Have it seen hanging adorably in your phone with a 3.5" black strap. Collect with other Naruto phonestraps!

Usual Price: $9.99 Now: $5.99

Listed: 27 February 2009 | Comments (0)

Haku Mask NecklaceHaku Mask Necklace

Haku’s mask, which he wore in executing his missions, is featured in this rare necklace. The detailed mask pendant has an estimated size of 1.5” dangling beautifully in a 19” long silver chain. A must-grab for all Naruto fan!

Usual Price: $12.80 Now: $9.99

Listed: 20 January 2009 | Comments (0)

Akatsuki Cloak NecklaceAkatsuki Cloak Necklace

The infamous Akatsuki cloak is now on necklace! It comes with a detailed Akatsuki cloak pendant measuring 1” and dangling around a 19.5” long chain. Don’t be left behind, grab one now!

Usual Price: $17.90 Now: $8.99

Listed: 12 January 2009 | Comments (0)

Akatsuki Hidan RingAkatsuki Hidan Ring

Declare your immortality and complete your cosplay of Akatsuki member, Hidan by wearing this awesome replica of his Akatsuki ring with the kanji symbol of "Three". Its adjustable at the back so it will perfectly fit your left index finger!

Usual Price: $12.50 Now: $8.99

Listed: 8 January 2009 | Comments (0)

Akatsuki Kakuzu RingAkatsuki Kakuzu Ring

Complete your cosplay of Akatsuki member, Kakuzu with his precious Akatsuki ring. This elaborate ring is seen in Kakuzu's left middle finger with kanji symbol for "North". It can be adjusted at the back to match any ring size. Collect with other Akatsuki rings now!

Usual Price: $12.50 Now: $8.99

Listed: 16 December 2008 | Comments (0)

Deidara Akatsuki Ring (anime green)Deidara Akatsuki Ring (anime green)

This exclusive and extremely rare anime green version of the Akatsuki ring with the kanji for 'green' is worn by the explosion-loving Deidara. the ring is freesize and adjustable at the back. Deidara fans must not miss this! "Katsu!"


Usual Price: $14.99 Now: $8.99
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Listed: 29 November 2008 | Comments (10)

Orochimaru Akatsuki Ring Orochimaru Akatsuki Ring

The villianous snake-man Orochimaru joined the Akatsuki after he became a renegade from Konoha Village. He quit the club after he got rejected by Uchiha Itachi, keeping this Akatsuki ring which means 'void' in Japanese Kanji as a memento of his secret society days. This red version of Orochimaru's ring is a great collection or for cosplaying as an Akatsuki Orochimaru!


Usual Price: $12.50 Now: $8.99

Listed: 6 September 2008 | Comments (0)

Kunai Naruto Kunai

This black Naruto kunai is 4.5" long and emblazoned with the Konoha symbol at the side. The multi-purpose kunai can also be used as a letter opener when you're not flinging it at ninjas. Collect it with the shurikens!


Usual Price: $10.00 Now: $3.99
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Listed: 17 July 2007 | Comments (43)

Naruto Shuriken Necklace Naruto Shuriken Necklace

This beautiful Naruto necklace boasts a metal pendant of the ninja shuriken with the Konoha symbol emblazoned on top. Perfect for cosplay and as a gift of good luck charm!

Usual Price: $19.90 Now: $8.99

Listed: 6 May 2006 | Comments (4)

Naruto Orochimaru NecklaceOrochimaru Necklace

Symbolic of Orochimaru, this silver pendant is inspired from Orochimaru's favorite pair of earrings. A one size fits all high grade metallic 55cm necklace adorned with a 4.5cm high by 2.5cm width shiny chromed pendant. Great for gifts and memorabilia surprises for fans of the great Naruto Shippuden series!

Usual Price: $13.90 Now: $8.99
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Listed: 13 May 2005 | Comments (0)

Orochimaru Weapon Replica with Gold Handle KeychainOrochimaru Kusanagi Replica Keychain - Gold

The Orochimaru Kusanagi Katana Replica Keychain is up for grabs! The body of the sword is coated with a shiny polished chrome finishing, with an exclusive complimenting gold handle. Approximately measures at 14.5cm in length and 1.25cm wide. A striking and piercing new look for those old keys!

Usual Price: $12.55 Now: $6.99

Listed: 2 January 2005 | Comments (0)

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