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These awesome Naruto cosplay accessories are listed by us (self-proclaimed Narutards). If you are looking for Naruto Cosplay costumes, check out this section.

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Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke PosterUchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke Poster

The tragic Uchiha Brothers take centerstage on this collector's poster from the Naruto series. From the touching scene of a younger Itachi poking a little Sasuke's forehead playfully, to the swirling hatred that Sasuke grew up to harbour towards the renegade Itachi, this poster will certainly delight all fans of the Uchiha brothers!

Usual Price: $15.99 Now: $9.99
Special Shipping Charges

Listed: 14 October 2002 | Comments (0)

Naruto: Asuma Sarutobi Scarf (Twelve Guardian Ninja) Asuma Sarutobi Scarf (Twelve Guardian Ninja)

Sarutobi Asuma wears a scarf around his hips with an encircled 'Fire' kanji on it, as a part of his former connection with the Twelve Guardian Ninja. This scarf is a replica of his Twelve Guardian Ninja scarf. Perfect for Asuma cosplays or for collection because Asuma sensei is so damn awesome!

Usual Price: $20.90 Now: $12.99
Biography Inside

Listed: 6 August 2002 | Comments (0)

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