Naruto Merchandise, Cosplay Accessories, Props

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    Naruto Kunai

    $10.00 $3.99

    This black plastic Naruto kunai is 4.5″ long and emblazoned with the Konoha symbol at the side. The multi-purpose kunai can also be used as a letter opener when you are not flinging it at ninjas. Collect it with the shurikens!

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    Sasuke Uchiha’s Kusanagi Sword 1:1 Scale – Steel

    $130.80 $75.99

    A 1:1 replica of Sasuke Uchiha's Sword of Kusanagi, this life-size version made in durable steel is a great collectible to have, or to cosplay as the avenger Sasuke Uchiha. The sheath slides out smooth to reveal a handsome (blunt) blade in deep gray, while the hilt is painted with the Uchiha clan logo.

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    Sharingan Collection Necklace

    $19.90 $15.90

    Get this cool necklace from Naruto, featuring, not one, but an entire collection of the different Mangekyo and usual Sharingan! One side features the emblem of the tragic Uchiha clan, while the otherside showcases the different sharingan. This necklace is attached to a black flexible and high quality necklace string. Measuring at 3cm by 3cm in diameter, the pendent is made with glittering red metallic finishing with a chromed polished metallic background base on both sides.


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    Akatsuki Ring Set

    $98.90 $39.99

    Akatsuki, the criminal organization of missing-nin and the most wanted group in the shinobi world has a member strength of 10 members, each wearing a ring with a different kanji as their “ID”. This special 10 piece ring set is a collector's delight for fans of the NARUTO series! The rings are adjustable to fit the general adult size fingers. Share this amongst 9 other friends and complete your cosplay as Akatsuki! Remember to have it on different fingers for everyone.

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    Naruto Ninja Sandals (Blue)

    $23.80 $15.99

    This character needs no introduction! Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most popular anime characters of all time and for a good reason; the series' 15 year run entertained thousands of anime fans. Celebrate your Naruto fan-boyishness with this comfy shinobi sandals worn by the main protagonist himself.

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    Ninja Pouch Set

    $29.90 $18.99

    This Naruto Ninja Pouch comes in a set of 2. One is a white pouch and the other is in black faux-leather. The white pouch ( waist ) measures at 17cm in length and 16.6cm height. The black one measures at 14.5cm in length and 13.5cm in height and 3cm in width 9 ( limb strapped pouch ). Look great with this addition to your Naruto ninja cosplay with this Ninja Pouch set!

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    Gaara ‘LOVE’ Kanji Necklace

    $19.90 $15.99

    The tattoo embedded in the Kazekage, Gaara of the Desert's forehead is a beautiful silver pendant here. Get this kanji of the word 'love' as a necklace. A great gift for all Gaara fans!

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    Make Out Violence Book Lighter

    $21.90 $16.99

    “Make Out Violence” is the 3rd book in the Come Come Paradise installation, and possibly last book Jiraiya ever wrote. Kakashi still love this book and so should you! Except, this is not really a book. It’s a secret, but it’s really a lighter. Flick the cover and a geyser of flame shoots from the top. Measures at approximately 4cm length, 6cm high and 1cm width. Collect with Come Come Paradise and Violence lighters!

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    Uchiha Itachi Necklace (cosplay)

    $19.90 $8.99

    A must-have accessory for all Uchiha Itachi cosplayers and fans. This 3 ring necklace is exactly like the one which Uchiha Itachi wore in the Naruto series. The rings are adjustable according to your desired distance. Get this Itachi necklace today!

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    Akatsuki Zetsu Pencil Case

    $12.00 $7.99

    The fungus in the Akatsuki. Or as Naruto calls him, the “Aloe guy”. Zetsu is not your usual plant and is the very evidence to prove to your mom that some vegetables are just deadly. Now, Zetsu terrorizes your stationery in this zip-up pencil case. Approximately measures at 23cm in length and 13.5cm height. While stocks last.

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    Naruto Frog Purse (Gamachan)

    $15.80 $8.99

    Own this adorable frog purse replica which Naruto fondly calls “Gamachan”! For cosplaying as well as showing off to your friends! A great and rare addition to Naruto fans' collection with the words “Naruto's purse” printed in Japanese at the bottom of the purse!

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    Shinobi Headband

    $12.25 $6.99

    This Naruto Shinobi Headband has the Kanji symbolizing Shinobi across the metallic plate of the forehead protector. The latest Naruto ninja headband is worn by all ninjas in the Shinobi Allied forces from all different villages. A metallic alloy plate approximately measuring at 4cm high by 12cm length on a black sash with an approximate length of 1m. Add this to your collection of Naruto Shinobi headbands!

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Naruto is “THE” Shonen anime everyone must watch currently. It’s about Naruto who does everything he can to be recognized and to become Hokage.