Vongola Box Weapon - Mist Chrome Dokuro Dark Blue (Metallic)

Vongola Box Weapon – Mist Chrome Dokuro Dark Blue (Metallic)

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This is my favorite rendition of Chrome Dokuro’s Mist Vongola Box Weapon! While most are made of cardboard or plastic, we finally have one made of made of a metallic alloy with a very respectable weight too! Before you balk at the price tag, bear in mind that this is fully metal, with magnets at each side for you to open up and reassemble easily with a click. The Vongola box is coated in a chromed dark blue shine, giving it the illusion that it is still gleaming from the powerful glowing flames that engulfed it.

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Product Description

The box can also be opened out completely flat and closed back by in-built magnets. Remarkable workmanship and weighs a ton. (Around 2 pounds. For it's size, it's really heavy.) Measurement 2.4" x 2.4" x 2.4"


Chrome Dokuro Biography (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

- Chrome Dokuro Bio by Tsunade

Name: Chrome Dokuro Title: 10th Vongola Mist Guardian Gender: Female Age: 13 (Present), 23 (Future) Birthday: 5th December Box Animal: Vongola Mist Owl (Mukuro) Flame: Mist Personality/Background: The quiet and anti-social girl gains interest from the males in her school. This was surprising as the lonely girl would usually pass off as “weird”. She only shows her true nature to Mukuro whom she respects. Dependent on Mukuro, she wants to become stronger and be helpful in some way. Chrome had an accident before that caused her to lose her right eye and some internal organs. Somehow, when she heard that her mother was about to donate her organs to her, a miracle happened and she survived due to the imaginary organs she created in herself. She then ran away from the hospital under the command of Mukuro and made her way to Kokuyo town.