Vongola Box Weapon - Hibari Cloud Indigo (Metallic)

Vongola Box Weapon – Hibari Cloud Indigo (Metallic)

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Complete your collection of our solid metal Vongola Boxes with this purple (indigo) Vongola Box! HIbari Kyouya’s Cloud Vongola Box is one of my favorites. This edition has his Cloud Box Weapon in gleaming chrome finish over the metallic surface. The colorful beatutiful gems are embedded in the top of the box and the Vongola sigil is engraved on all sides of the box. Be sure to check out the other colors too!

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Product Description

The box can also be opened out completely flat and closed back by in-built magnets. Remarkable workmanship and weighs a ton. (Around 2 pounds. For it's size, it's really heavy.) Measurement 2.4" x 2.4" x 2.4"