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Ring of the Sky (Vongola Family Ring)

Ring of the Sky (Vongola Family Ring)

The Vongola family boss wears a special ring called the Ring of the Sky (Sky Ring), emitting the orange Dying Will flame. This ring with the intricate design on it is a rare collectible's item for all 'Katekyo Hitman Reborn!' fans!

*This item is discontinued and will not be restocked after it is sold out

Usual Price: $28.00 Now: $18.99

Item is currently sold out.

Ring of the Sky (Vongola Family Ring)

Vongola Ring of the Sky Biography (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

-Vongola Ring of the Sky Bio by Tsunade

Ring symbol: Vongola Family Crest
Guardian: Tsunayoshi Sawada
Previous owner: Xanxus
Flame Colour: Orange

The ring than can only be worn by worthy Vongola Family leader.

The priceless and most esteemed ring in the mafia world, Sky ring has the power of adaptation and is the rarest of flame capable of showing the past sins of Vongola Family. Carrying these past sins is said to be the price of becoming a mafia boss in exchange to gaining its immense power.

Tsunayoshi Sawada is the current Vongola Family head that defeated Xanxus in the Sky Ring battle. He is the youngest boss in the family history yet the most revered one.

The Sky Ring is the capable of using different box type to unleash its power. Yet to date, Tsuna doesn't rely on its power inside its ring box. As the recognized Vongola Family Tenth Boss, his can use the flames' full power even without putting it inside the box.

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vongola famlia is one of the greatest family in the world and tsuna yoshi sawada is my favorate character of them all the 10 bos of the vongola family the daying weel flame can baet the flame of rage the vongola wil win againts the varia.ERSHAD.FROM PHILIPINES

Posted by: ershad at September 28, 2009 12:05 PM