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Shippo Keychain Dangle

Shippo Keychain Dangle

Shippo, the baby fox demon from the Inuyasha anime is featured on this jeychain dangle. The superbly cute and exuberant Shippo will definitely light up your day! Limited stocks remaining of this rare Shippo keychain!

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Shippo Keychain Dangle

Shippo Biography 七宝 (Inuyasha)

- Shippo Bio by Tsunade

Shippo Inuyasha

Name: Shippo
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Zodiac: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Fox Demon
Occupation: Shikon Jewel Hunter (actually he's just tagging along)
- Illusionary magic (which mainly consists of spinning a top)
- Fox Fire (which never burnt anybody)

Shippo is chirpy and impy little fox demon boy, whose name literally means "7 treasures". He first met Inuyasha and Higurashi Kagome when he tried to steal their Shikon Jewel (Shikon no Tama) shards to avenge his father who was killed by the Thunder Demon Brothers.

Failing to steal the jewel shards, Shippo became fast friends with Kagome and followed her and Inuyasha after Inuyasha killed the Thunder Demon Brothers.

Shippo is Inuyasha's first companion friend after Kagome. At first, Shippo gets annoyed and turned off by Inuyasha's grouchiness but soon gets used to it.

Though a demon, Shippo is a very young demon, with his bushy yellow tail as the tell-tale sign of him being a demon. Shippo is generally useless in a battle, randomly flinging his luminous fox fire but never successfully hurt any enemy. He can also transform into other forms but seldom use this useful technique for battle purposes. His function is generally to light up the day with his exuberance.

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