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Miroku Figure

Miroku Figure

Miroku, the amorous monk from Inuyasha sits on a rock in this 3" figurine, holding his staff and hiding a secret lusty smile. Collect Miroku with the Sango figure to see Miroku's right hand reaching to touch Sango's butt!

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Miroku Figure

Collect Miroku with the Sango Figurine! Place them together to see Miroku reaching to grope Sango's butt!

Miroku Biography 弥勒 (Inuyasha)

- Miroku bio by Tsunade
Miroku from Inuyasha

Name: Miroku 弥勒
Age: -
Birthday: -
Zodiac: -
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Buddhist Monk
Weapons: Wind Tunnel, his staff and talisman
Hobbies: Groping the nearest female and asking her if she would bear him a child
Love interest: Sango and all other female

Miroku is the 3rd companion to join Inuyasha after Higurashi Kagome and Shippo on their quest to collect the Shikon Jewel shards and kill Naraku. Although a Buddhist monk, Miroku is far from being a holy man. He often uses his status as a Monk to deceive people into believing their households were haunted and would 'exorcise' their homes in exchange for food and lodging. He is also a lecher whose instinct is to grope the butt of the female nearest to him, and asking every female he meets to bear him a child. His lecherous actions often earn the angry or jealous slaps of Sango, whose butt he must have groped a million times.

Although seemingly happy and light-hearted most of the time (he is also mild tempered, the only one who never lost his temper), Miroku is actually haunted by Naraku's curse on him and his family, where all his family members and descendents will have a Blackhole-like Wind Tunnel in their right hand to suck everything around them in if not sealed by prayer beads. The Wind Tunnel grows and will eventually suck the user in as well, as Miroku witnessed his father's death that way. The only way to lift the Wind Tunnel curse was to kill Naraku.

Miroku is the most intelligent (and humorous) one in Inuyasha's group with strong analytical skills. He is also the strongest fighter after Inuyasha, often using his Wind Tunnel to solve the problem of being outnumbered by demons.

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Past Reviews

umm its not everybody in his family ,its only the male side and i think sango is a much more skilled fighter than miroku but the rest was good.

Posted by: emily at November 12, 2007 8:23 PM