Inuyasha Merchandise
Inuyasha props suitable for your cosplay.

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Inuyasha Necklace (cosplay) Inuyasha Necklace (cosplay)

Bankotsu Keychain Bankotsu Keychain

Shippo Keychain Shippo Keychain

Inuyasha Mouse Pad (with Myoga) Inuyasha Mouse Pad (with Myoga)

Jakotsu Keychain Jakotsu Keychain

sango-keychain1.jpg Sango Keychain Dangle

Inuyasha Poker Cards v.2 Inuyasha Poker Cards v.2
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Higurashi Kagome Phonestrap Higurashi Kagome Phonestrap

kikyo-keychain4.jpg Kikyo Keychain

Higurashi Kagome Keychain Kagome Keychain
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We ensure that the Inuyasha merchandise will be delivered to your door looking just like how we photographed them; nothing more. nothing less. Our merchandise are made of high quality and of high durability.

All merchandise in our store are photographed by us.

Looking for Inuyasha cosplays that the above merchandise can go with? Here are some hot sellers:
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- Priestess Kikyo Costume
- Kagome's Sailor Uniform