Edward Elric's Spear Weapon Keychain

Edward Elric's Spear Weapon Keychain

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Have a weapon at hand to transmute anytime with this Edward Elric’s spear replica keychain. Transmute it when your enemies are near and let them envy this 3.5″ long weapon in black glossy finish. A terrific gift for all Full Metal Alchemist fans!

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Edward Elric Biography (Fullmetal Alchemist)

- Edward Elric Bio by Tsunade

Name: Edward Elric
Gender: Male
DOB: 1899
Age: 18
Occupation: State Alchemist
Rank: Major
Abilities: Alchemy, Martial Arts

Personality/Background: Edward displays a juvenile, persistent and iron-willed personality. He is sometimes selfish and egocentric. He hates to be ordered around, even by those with higher military positions. Ed is very hot-tempered and often resorts to violence instead of sorting things out calmly. He is known for his foul mouth which spits vulgarities every now and then. Really now, I’m just listing the countless flaws of Edward Elric.

In reality, Ed is a selfless and loyal person to whom he greatly respects. He is sympathetic towards those that had to suffer the same pain he received when he was young. Despite his cruel scolding and criticism, he is merely giving out advice which he wishes to place them on the right path of life. We all know of Edward’s short build. He hates it when others underestimate him for his height. Well, it seems to prove as an advantageous way to get him all heated up for combats!